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WY region "G" & "H" winter kill
Mule Deer
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DonVathome 20-Apr-17
Treeline 20-Apr-17
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LKH 22-Apr-17
Bowboy 22-Apr-17
Orion 22-Apr-17
From: DonVathome
How is it going? Debating on getting a tag this year. Are the big bucks doing ok?

From: Treeline
Don, look at Muley Fanatic's site. There was very high mortality on fawns in the Wyoming Range - like 99%.

Don, That region of the State just got hammered with extreme deep snow and cold this Winter. I think the WGFD will be doing a mortality study in the next week or two (asking for volunteers) where they go out and cover as much ground as they can to see all the effects from the winter. Would be my guess they will find many more than usual. I have friends that live down there and they reported deer dying in people's yards and quite a few dying on the roads because that was how they were moving around (the roads). Pretty sad.

From: BTM

BTM's embedded Photo
BTM's embedded Photo
Today I received a WY G&F newsletter talking about an 86% fawn mortality rate in the Wyoming Range. On a brighter note, last week six mulies bedded down right next to my porch, so I guess some survived around here (Pinedale).

From: LKH
It's funny, but towns and suburbia can provide some help in bad winters. Plowed roads, etc. open up ways for the deer to get around. Trouble is roadkill and people letting dogs run them.

I imagine the demand for those units will drop. I hunt an area in WY that has had bad winter kill in the past and if they lose the fawns, they also lose many of the old boys we want to hunt.

From: Bowboy
Yep, there probably going to cut some NR tags I suspect in the next coming years. This may even affect residents opportunities. I've been hunting up on the Wyoming Range since 94. In my opinion WY Game Dept miss managed the herds in the early 90's by with all the additional doe and fawns tag they use hand out. Then they allowed hunters to shoot does with there general tags for years. This is a very sad, because it use to be one of the premier mule hunting areas and in the state.

From: Orion
they already agreed to cut 200 nonresident tags this fall in the commission meeting. Also implemented a 3 point or better rule in G and H

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