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Draw weight to kill a turkey
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C.Beck 20-Apr-17
t-roy 20-Apr-17
Treeline 20-Apr-17
Wayniac 20-Apr-17
JTV 20-Apr-17
Paul@thefort 20-Apr-17
kellyharris 20-Apr-17
C.Beck 21-Apr-17
Beav 24-Apr-17
Scoot 24-Apr-17
From: C.Beck
My daughter turned 12 this year and got her hunting licsence here in NY. She is a great shot and shoots archery leagues with me. She has a compound bow and draws 25 pounds. Does anyone have experience or knows how much weight is required to kill a turkey. I would use a cut on contact fixed blade broadhead. Anyone with input? Thanks.

From: t-roy
Is there a minimum poundage requirement in NY?

From: Treeline
That draw weight would be more than enough. My son killed several when he was shooting 25-30# traditional bows using a big 3-blade Snuffer. I would even think an expandable would work well with her setup. He killed a whitetail doe with one of those light bows - set up with 200 grain 2-blade Grizzly up front and an arrow tuned to the bow - complete pass-thru ribs in and ribs out.

From: Wayniac
Check the regs.. it's 40 lbs in CT

From: JTV
come one you know you cant kill a deer or turkey unless youve got at least a 500 gr arrow or a 80lb bow with a compound, 600 gr arrow for the trad. guys........(that was sarcasm for those in Rio Linda) .... 35-40 lbs is enough depending on the regs ... if legal, the 25 lbs will do it too ...

From: Paul@thefort
For big game such as deer and bear, minimum draw weight is 35# in New York. Do not know if a bow of less draw weight can be used during turkey season, ie small game.

From: kellyharris
40 lbs. in Ohio but I had an old neighbor who son killed 3 white tail with a 28 lbs. pse compound kids bow

From: C.Beck
Thanks for the feedback guys.

From: Beav
My daughter killed multiple birds when she was shooting less than 25 lbs. I had her shooting a Simmons Shark head and penetration was not a problem.

From: Scoot
My son killed one with a 30 lb bow and that was about the minimum I would have let him use. I'm sure some setups will work, but that's how I felt after he used his 30 lb setup.

I wonder how a Bullhead would work on a 25 lb. bow? My guess is that it'd work just fine. If I could go back I'd have him using Bullheads sooner. However, he was opposed to it because he thought the idea of lopping off their heads was "gross". Funny, now he things it's pretty bad a$$!!!

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