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Statement on Safety from Heads Up Decoy
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From: GRoe

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Some may be aware that 3 individuals (2 brothers and a good friend) were involved in a shooting accident while turkey hunting in SE KS. One of the hunters split up from the other 2 early in the morning...only to later find himself stalking his partners who were in the trees "fanning" a turkey. The two fanning were shot by the other hunter.

To our knowledge, no manufactured decoy available on the market was used, but I cannot confirm that. You will, however, see mulitple products...including ours...used in articles that are reporting.

Hunting is inherently safe, however every year there are a couple incidences where someone gets shot while turkey hunting whether using a fanning decoy or just walking innocently through the woods. Fanning turkeys has been around long before Heads Up Decoy came out with our turkey decoy in 2010. Fanning has been an extremely effective way to coax in birds. It's popularity has increase substantially over the last few well as the number of products available on the market that enable a hunter to use this technique. It is unknown what increase in risk one subjects themselves to using a fanning decoy. To my knowledge, this has been the first incident.

If you choose to use a fanning technique with our product, we fan...and recommend the open away from dense cover, on private property, and on known targets (confirmed live birds). Only show the decoy when you are in position to make visual contact with the birds. If the birds dissappear or are not responsive, back out and reposition. Again, only showing the decoy when ready to make visual contact with the birds.

We have been well supported through the years by Bowsite members and we are truly grateful for that support. Be safe and have a good time.

Sincerely, Garrett Roe Owner, Heads Up Decoy

From: Thill
I thank you for your product and I agree whole heartily with your safety statement. Respectfully, Tim Hill

From: Scoot
I think you make a great product! I also think common sense goes a long ways. Tough to make a mistake on someone in a situation like you see below. However, I've talked through a couple goofy scenarios with my son and how to handle them. Just because he uses common sense doesn't mean some other person will...

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From: jims
I can't imagine what it would be like to get shot with an arrow or shotgun shot! This is a wakeup call to those that fan - turkey reap! I hunt super remote areas in Colorado and private land in Nebraska where the chance of getting shot behind a turkey tail is pretty slim...but possible. I almost always hunt alone but this story shows the unfortunate mishap that can happen when hunting with buddies on the same property. Although I enjoy fanning, I'm not sure it's worth the risk on heavily hunted land.

If you've ever hunted with a fan you are aware of how addictive it is but use common sense when and where you use them. As learned in hunter's safety make certain of what you are shooting before releasing the string or pulling the trigger! I've harvested a lot of birds over the years and have never shot at just a fan I saw through brush/grass.... make absolutely sure you are shooting at a living-breathing tom before attempting a shot! Stay safe and smart out there!

From: Ermine
I can't believe people shoot each other! It had nothing to do with the decoys thou. Idiots shoot each other wearing orange it seems. How the heck is that possible?

Thanks for the issue!

Heads up decoys rock!

From: writer
But the guy who shot his brother and friend, saw the head of a tom turkey, plus some hens and jakes nearby -- in his mind, when he was really just looking at the fan. Excitement can do a lot to a person, and not all of it good.

From: Timbrhuntr
If u just shot your buddy and brother shooting at a fan what would u say . Man I saw a head and beard and a Jake and some hens ya that's it I'm sure of it . B S. I have had hunters stalk me when calling and also stalk my decoys. I have even had a guy shoot at my decoy but from about 75 yards . A number of years ago I was invited to hunt pheasants with a good friend and 2 other guys. The guy on my right side walking with the barrel to my side made a snap shot when rabbit got up to run. I'm not sure how ye had any idea exactly what he was shooting but to make matters worse he told me he could shoot so quick because he never uses a safety. I turned around and headed back to the truck but he is still out there snap shooting at stuff no safety and no sense.

From: Medicinemann
Were there fatalities?

People who shoot without positively identifying their target and then aim to make a kill shot on a legitimate target are just bad hunters and dangerous to everyone. These hunter safety courses should include a bit about this. If you just see and shoot, a) you're never going to consistently kill game - you're going to miss and you're going to wound, and b) you're a menace to game and fellow hunter alike.

Every once in a while, we hear about guys shooting through brush and hitting a hunter, etc, like the kid in CO that was killed by the ML. If you hit a person with an arrow or bullet, I'm sorry, but you just didn't do the due diligence required to fire a lethal shot.

From: midwest
Holy crap, Scoot....what a cool pic!

From: TreeWalker
No way I would fan on public property. Serious doubts if would on private property with trespassers possible even if you are confident other legitimate hunters are not going to be careless.

Similar opinion to using a gobble call. Fanning and gobbling increase your risk of being shot at and I would say 100x more risky. I will find other ways to coax the gobbler into range or just go home with my tag unfilled. I have family that depends on me. Hunting is a hobby and I am not alone in the woods.

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