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Bowhntn 21-Apr-17
Brotsky 21-Apr-17
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Bou'bound 21-Apr-17
LKH 21-Apr-17
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Bowhntn 22-Apr-17
From: Bowhntn
Quick question on tips on a discount hunt, do u tip for the regular full price of the hunt or tip for the discount price? Thanks example regular $6,000 10% or 3000=10%

From: Brotsky
If you use that as a basis I would use the full price as a guideline. Your guide, if not the outfitter himself, may not have any idea what you actually paid for your hunt. He may just know that you are a paying customer.

From: willliamtell
Lots of threads on this one. Depending on how bored folks are, this one could blow up.

From: Bou'bound
Full price

From: LKH
Lottery on how long it takes for the guys who don't "Believe" in tipping to give us all the reasons they aren't cheap?

I once guided Chuck Yeager. Got an autographed picture for a tip.

That autograph might be worth a grand now!

From: sticksender
For me, a more logical way to tip a guide is not based on the total outfitter fee, but rather, based on the daily rate the guide is paid. Acceptable job you might add 50% to his daily rate. Super job, you might double his daily rate, or more.

From: Bowhntn
Thanks guys full price was my thought!

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