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New Mexico off Range Oryx
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From: NY2NM
Drew an off range NM oryx hunt for this upcomming Nov 2017, would prefer to not use a guide. Looking for any ideas and the best way to Hunt this animal off the range. Did some searching around on the net and seems that I need to go in about 10 miles off the roads and glass and then sneak up on them. Just looking for some Ideas to get me started. Thanks

From: Barrera
This year my 13 yr old son and drew it for the first time ever. I've never hunted them but will be willing to help you out with some info after our hunts. Hopefully I will have some good info by then. My sons hunt off range is in July and I'm off range in August.

That is a hard hunt for a non-resident, unless you can spend a lot of time on the hunt, or have some local help/eyes, or inside/fresh info.

There are not too many places where you can go "10 miles off the roads". In fact you will probably have to do a lot of driving and glassing from the roads, covering ground is important. Find a few spots off the road can be helpful, but I would put more emphasis on covering ground until you find oryx or fresh sign.

Checking for crossings at the WSMR fences can be useful (oryx usually crawl under fences like antelope), but lots of other guys will also be doing that.

It wouldn't hurt to call the game wardens in Socorro, Carrizozo, and Las Cruces, in the past I've got somewhat useful info from them. There is also a small chunk of BLM land on the NE corner that requires a special access permit, so it doesn't always get hit that hard. It is also a pain in the a$$ to get to as they make you drive way out of your way to get to it, and the road really sucks in a couple of spots. Not even sure if this is still the case, but it might make a backup plan. I think you have to contact BLM office at Valley of Fires. Last time I went in there (~5 years ago?) I passed up a long shot at a broken horned cow (almost regretted doing that). I guess that brings up a point; if you get a shot, any shot, take it!

From: deserthunter
Not uncommon to drive 500 plus miles in a weekend looking for tracks and or sign. Probably 50 other people out there doing the same thing.

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