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I have heard about a ranch in New Mexico that has trophy hunts, but can't find any reviews. Does anyone know about Summit Ranch in New Mexico?

From: Wingnut
If you are talking about Summit Mountain Outfitters, run by Jerry Reiner,at Squaw Peak Ranch ,near Magdelena, NM, I strongly do not recommend this hunt. I also was told about this so-called trophy hunt, and me and my buddy were totally disappointed with any opportunity at at a trophy. Please call the local NM Game and Fish warden about Jerry's reputation before considering this hunt. I wish I had.

From: SteveB
If you like that area contact the Welty family at Limestone Outfitters. Top shelf hunt.

X2 on The Welty family I hunted unit 17 in my own and they were hunting the same area. Great people. Seemed to work very hard for their client. He was after 360” or better. I was happy with a 300”or less. I Also met Bud Womack in Unit 17 “Quality Outfitters” not the same level but less money and he knows the area well. Both live in the area.

From: SClark

From: Saw Guy
I would like to take this time to thank Jerry Reiner and the Summit Mountain Ranch group for helping my situation. Ten days prior to the hunt I had a heart condition, put into the hospital and thank goodness everything is fine now but my doctors recommended that I not leave the area to be better watched over. I called Jerry and told him my situation and that I had found a hunter to take my place. Jerry had to drive to Santa Fe to change the paperwork and to buy the new hunters license, which he did without hesitation to help me out. Thanks again for doing this for me and I look forward to hunting with you in the future. By the way, all of my friends who hunted with you this year had a great time and all of them got their bucks.

From: Oregon boy
Recently had the opportunity to hunt on Summit Mountain Ranch. Tagged a respectful 4 point buck on day three of a five day hunt. Saw several bucks every day of the hunt. Accomadatins were great. The guides were all first class, and our cook was amazing. Thank you Jerry to you and your entire staff for providing a great experience.

From: Fields

From: IGS
I hunted in New Mexico this year for the first time in my life, and Jerry Reiner busted his rear to make my hunt as enjoyable as possible. I was having difficulties obtaining my tag from New Mexico Fish and Game and couldn't get them to answer my calls from out of state. Jerry personally drove to NMFG offices and spent hours of his time getting my tag issue figured out. He even charged my tag fees to his own personal credit card and was in no rush to get reimbursed. Outstanding service, which is very appreciated when you are not physically present in New Mexico. Our accommodations, hunting guide and cook were all excellent, and we had a very enjoyable hunt.

From: WapitiBob
Appears that we have a discrepancy.

From: Franklin
I don`t have a dog in this fight but IMO those 3 advocating for this outfit don`t seem legit. If you are posting about your experience at an outfitters on a site like this you don`t start off with...."I would like to take the time to thank".....Something seems fishy with these responses.

From: Trial153
My bullshit meter is going off.

From: LINK
No doubt saw guy, Oregon boy and IGS are Jerry himself. Hilarious.

From: wytex
Well all three are from Oregon, hum.....

From: ohiohunter
I’ve talked to Welty as a non client and he was a stand up gentleman. Unbeknownst to Welty I also know his cousin, that man can shoot lights out.

From: Grunter
"Well all three are from Oregon" that there is funny! My BS meter is going off as well

From: smarba

From: swampokie
All the bullshit in the outfitting industry and people still pay these jokers to hunt land in many cases they could hunt and harvest on their own. Ill never understand it.

From: Fuzz
Most definitely a whole lot of B.S. going on.

From: elkstabber

From: jburrup

jburrup's embedded Photo
Here is the 1 bull elk i saw in 5 days on the ranch. The other hunter there killed it after i passed. I removed the face of the hunter and guide since i didn't get their permission to post their pic.
jburrup's embedded Photo
Here is the 1 bull elk i saw in 5 days on the ranch. The other hunter there killed it after i passed. I removed the face of the hunter and guide since i didn't get their permission to post their pic.
Jerry Reiner overstated the land available to hunt the quality and number of bulls. I paid nearly $9000 dollars when it was all said and done. I saw 1 bull... yes 1 bull on the property a roughly 270" bull on the ranch during my 5 days on the ranch. the other hunter there with me equally disappointed ended up cutting his losses and killed that bull. I drove home with an empty truck. by the way i saw zero deer that i would have paid any money to shoot. feel free to call me to verify 8012097894 I could go on about the food and accommodations but i think you get the idea. We were suppose to have a 5 star chef he left the first morning. I got the whole come as a customer leave as family line too.

From: ohiohunter
Damn Justin, thats a jagged pill to swallow. Sorry to hear that.

From: Quinn @work
Looks like Jerry reached out to his buddies and asked them to make a favorable post for him. Hey Jerry, this looks bad by the way. Maybe not be so obvious next time?

From: elkdaddy2

elkdaddy2's embedded Photo
elkdaddy2's embedded Photo
I hunted with Jerry Reiner and Summit Mountain Ranch this past season (2018) in New Mexico. I experienced a great hunt. The wildlife, guides, cooking, and hospitality was beyond my expectations! I was fortunate to harvest a 340" bull on the first day of the hunt! There was another bull in the 350" range seen before the opening of season we weren't able to find again. That's just elk hunting. I actually stayed a couple days later and looked at numerous bulls that the other hunter was after. You have to be in shape for this hunt or for any elk hunt, so don't think you will see trophy elk next to the road every day! Elk hunting takes work both from the hunter and the outfitter/guide to work. I look forward to hunting with Jerry and his professional team in the future. Thankyou Jerry!

From: WapitiBob
I'd reach out too if I was getting $9000 for a 5 day elk hunt.

From: Trailer Guy
Went to the Summit Mountain Ranch on a Mule deer hunt this year. This was my first fully guided hunt. The accommodations, meals and Dave our guide were all great. Jerry did everything to make our hunt enjoyable. We did see lots of deer everyday and I took a very nice 4 x 4 mule deer. What I won't forget, was the journey there, the country we saw while at the Summit Mt. Ranch and the way were taken care of. It was just great for us.

From: Glunker
I guess I would spend $9000 on a 2 week elk hunt if I had it. Would not consider that for a 5 day hunt.

From: deerhunter7
I hunted with Summit Mountain Outfitters and Jerry Reiner for mule deer in 2018. I was told that there were 25,000 acres to hunt on. Turns out there were only 6,500 or so ranch owned acres and only half of that was mule deer habitat. I was also told we would see 180" mule deer and up. We saw nothing over 150"(that's generous) ... and our guide was an excellent spotter. The lodge was rustic but enjoyable. The food was very good. The guide was as good as I've hunted with. In my opinion the outfitter's description of antler size was greatly exaggerated and was not supported by any evidence or comments from the staff. Do some research if you intend to hire Jerry Reiner in the future. A good place to start would be with the game warden in the county the hunt is proposed in.

From: Rut Nut
LOL! 3 new guys from Oregon posting on 3 consecutive days?

Be a little LESS obvious next time Jerry! (at least make them from DIFFERENT states! ;-)

I find it funny that people post pic that are not even on his website...

Elkdaddy2, Not trying to call you out but...your photo is not on his website/Facebook page and then you post "I look forward to hunting with Jerry and his professional team in the future." Rather than give an accounting of the hunt you feel you need to point out that he has a "professional team". Looks like you are either the outfitter or a family member/friend.

Doesn't really matter to me. There is way too much smoke for me to ever consider going hunting with this clown.


Looks like he might be involved in a few disputes...

From: Screwball
I need some popcorn for this one. getting good!

From: Africa

From: Quinn @work

He did one Safari with you 10 years ago and you are posting as a character witness for him? I'm assuming he paid you upwards of 40k-60K or more based on 23 species. So what? He paid for his hunt so he's a great guy? Pretty weak attempt to save this thread especially since Jerry is now reaching out to guys that could be as far away as Africa to vouch for him. Africa why don't you post the name of your outfit here so bowsiters can be sure to steer clear of you? Bet you won't.

Put Summit Mountain Ranch on the no call list and strictly based on this thread alone.

Does Jerry really think the bowhunters on this site are that dumb not to see through this? Why can't he come on here and explain himself rather than reaching out to all his friends to post biased positive reviews on this thread after he has clearly been called out for being a scam?

From: Bill Obeid
Jeesh..... The Batmobile doesn’t have a smoke screen like we’re seeing here!

It’s awefully strange when regular Bowsite members didn’t have at least one well known poster who we know and trust be able to share their experiences with ....any outfitter ever mentioned.

I say ... if Bowriter doesn’t know someone who knows someone who has hunted with this outfit stay clear.! ( insert smiley face here)

From: midwest
Africa.....poof, gone! lol

From: #bownut
I was a guide for Jerry Reiner during the 2017 season. For one, he is NOT an outfitter he is a “land owner agent”. He is a liar and should not still be in business. Luckily most of my hunters were happy with my job and are still good friends to this day, but will NEVER be working with Jerry Reiner again. Like it’s said above, contact NMDGF about him if you don’t believe what is said here! I can give you phone numbers for references if anyone would like.

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