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Mule Deer
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Cabinet Bulls 23-Apr-17
svrelk 24-Apr-17
HUNT MAN 24-Apr-17
Cabinet Bulls 25-Apr-17
Hi everyone. Wondering if anyone has info they will share about this amazing mule deer area. I was lucky enough to draw this year and would appreciate some help. Thanks

From: svrelk
Enjoy the hunt... I'm a local..drew it myself back in 05... it's not a good as it used to be, but quality bucks still can be found but you'll need to do the work... plan on spending as much time as possible in the unit in July and August when the bucks are batched up... they typically will still be together opening week... gets more difficult mid season as they begin to break up and prepare for the upcoming rut...

Good luck..

What he said times 10! Best of luck and enjoy it is truly a special hunt! Don't get hung up on a number and kill the buck you like! Pm sent ! Hunt

Thank you guys for the replys. I will get down there a few times before season and hopefully get some lined up. Good luck to you guys this season as well

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