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Rain suit for spring bear
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Headed for a spring bear hunt and need to have a rain suit. Need quiet as it is going to be a spot and stalk hunt. Recommendations.

Thanks terry

From: kota-man
The downside to a soft sided/brushed rain suit is that it is not going to dry out as fast as a non soft/brushed suit. With that said, the Sitka Down Pour set in the whitetail line or the Sitka Thunderhead in the Big Game Line would fit your needs and keep you dry.

From: No Mercy
X2 what Kota said

From: buckfevered
I have a Core 4 set that works well. I may upgrade to the KUIU in the future.

From: kota-man
There are a TON of great rain gear options out there from Sitka, to KUIU to First Lite, however, there are a limited number of "quiet" rain gear options out there. That is why I mentioned to two Sitka offerings. I've also used Cabelas Rain Suede AND MTO50 and though they worked initially, both eventually "wetted out" in day after day rain in Newfoundland.

From: Crusty
I have used the uninsulated Cabela's fleece, dry plus, quarter zip down with the pocket in the front for years. Hood works great with a ball cap. If it were gone today... I would buy a new one tomorrow. The pocket is GREAT for hand warmers and allows lighter gloves. Pretty quite as well. I use the cheaper lightweight bottoms to get through a downpour and they pack much easier. .

From: Bou'bound
buy the best, spend plenty more than you can comfortably afford, the first time.

From: carcus
Just ordered 2 pairs of Helly Hanson impertech pants, I've heard some really good things about them and they cost me $120 for both, canadian!! One pair are bibs the other is a pant.

From: jims
Make sure to get rain jackets with pitzips or you will get wet from the inside out! I've used Sitka on quite a few Alaska sheep and goat hunts and it's worked well. If you don't want to pay high dollar I've had great success with Marmot precip. I've gotten several pairs of precips from Sierra Trading for around $50 each for pants or jackets. They aren't camo but green or brown would work. I've used Helly Hanson on boats in Alaska and they work fantastic if you aren't hiking or sweating much. Last year I used HH bibs hiking through the devil's club jungle getting to timberline on a goat hunt. Then switched over to Sitka in the alpine.

My raingear of choice would change depending upon the amount of rainfall and if I'm hiking through low vs tall, wet vegetation.

From: MTsheds
Bou, you can spend a ton of money and still have noisy rain gear, so that s not very good advice.

From: Mad_Angler
Helly Hanson Impertech are 100% waterproof. For sitting in a stand, they can not be beat.

But... they are hot. If you're walking a lot, you might to try something else

From: Sage Buffalo
MT is correct I have the KUIU and it's like a bag of chips.

Where are you hunting exactly? Not every place has the same type of rain or situation.

If Alaska for example where you might get rain for 3 days straight you are going to have to forget about noise and have a solid set of rain gear.

If you are in Canada with passing showers (and also hunting from less remote area) you can get away with soft clothing that is water proof.

I think the question is are you preparing for down pours or 3 days of non-stop rain.

From: Bou'bound
MT I did not say spend a ton of money I said buy the best. The best is not noisy and it will keep you dry. Invest and buy the best. THe most expensive costs less than most guided hunts daily rates. If it save you a day or two on a guided hunt it has paid for itself vs staying in the tent or cabin for fear of crappy gear letting you down be losng one of those days that probably cost you more than he best rain suit will set you back

From: r-man
Heafty 30gal .26cents one size fits most.

From: PA-R
Mad Angler ---X2, I have train on days when raining, you will get hot, other than that, great rain gear.

Agree with r-man, use a garbage bag if that's all you can afford and just go hunt! I hunted in cotton, army surplus wool, jeans and tennis shoes for 20 years. Spent more time hunting than making money.

From: Ambush
Helly Hansen Impertech for when it is actually raining and wool paired with good DWR treated clothing for when it's just damp. Like Carcus, I use the bibs and jacket And they are amazingly quiet. You often get wetter from brushing vegatation than you do from actual rain.

If you can properly dry out every night, then wool and the higher end breathables are a good choice. Wind and temperature are another big factor.

When and where are you hunting?

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