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wyoming pronghorn hunt
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webfoot 26-Apr-17
Buffalo1 27-Apr-17
mountainman 27-Apr-17
LKH 27-Apr-17
wytex 27-Apr-17
drycreek 27-Apr-17
From: webfoot
need clarification... have one preference point / not sure of the process to hunt this fall.. do i need to hunt with outfitter if yes who do you recommend?, over counter tags?


From: Buffalo1
What lead you to believe you needed a preference point?

From: mountainman
You have to draw antelope in Wy. But the deadline isn't till the end of May. So you have some time.

From: LKH
There are units in WY where you will absolutely draw with 1 point. However they are mostly private so you should consider an outfitter.

If you go DIY a lot would depend on how well you did your research and what you could bring with you. If you drive that's not much of a problem, but flying will restrict what you can do. Also, time will be a big factor. You need to learn about your area, find out where the animals are, place to stay/camp.

From: wytex
No need for an outfitter for antelope. If you draw come out a couple of days early and find a used waterhole and set up near it. Pit blinds work well where legal but fill it in after the hunt. Popups work also but antelope may be skittish for a day or so. We have tons of antelope and they are fun to hunt.

From: drycreek
Don't know about all of Wyoming, but the Eastern part of the state, mostly private, has been getting harder to draw with no points every year. I'm assuming the areas with lots of public will take several points to draw. Check WYO G&F website. Tons of info and pretty easy to navigate.

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