Summit Treestands
Wilderness Hunting Lodge
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jstephens61 28-Apr-17
dmann 29-Apr-17
Buffalo1 29-Apr-17
DeathStroke 29-Apr-17
From: jstephens61
Has anyone hunted boar with them or know anything about them? Looks good on the net, but so did my first wife.

From: dmann
Ive been twice, once almost 20 years ago and again in 2007. I took decent rams both times. Lots of hogs, my buddy killed a real nice boar this last time. Lodges are nice, several bedrooms with bunk beds, and food is great. Steep terrain mostly with a few big pastures down low. I enjoyed my experiences.

From: Buffalo1
Where is this place located?

From: DeathStroke
I have been there and it was okay. I would recommend you check out Mountain Meadow. The lodge is nicer and the hunt is a lot more challenging than the Wilderness.

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