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Need a bear claw
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wild1 02-May-17
Zebrakiller 02-May-17
Grubby 02-May-17
From: wild1
So I've killed a few bears, and have a couple of rugs. Finally my 5-year-old boy began to show some interest. Long story short, he was looking forward to a bear-claw necklace from last years bear (half-mount would leave me with the back claws). Unfortunately, my taxidermist (or tannery) didn't take care of the claws - most have large staples through them, and the ones that don't, are dried, cracked and useless.

I was just going to simply polish one, fill it with epoxy and add a nice-sized fishing swivel to run a leather cord through it - a simple one-claw bear necklace. I thought the boy would forget about it, but he hasn't and he reminds me every time we're in the garage and he sees the beat-up, useless claws on my work bench.

So, if anyone has a extra bear claw laying around, one that it is decent shape, I'd be happy to trade for it, or......

I just don't know if I'll be able to kill another bear any time soon - all my hunts are DIY, and those bears are tough to get on. Thanks in advance. (pm's welcome).

From: Zebrakiller
I think I have a whole foot in freezer , as long as its legal for me to send it I will, plus I will be in bear camp in two weeks

From: Grubby
I have some...send me your address I'll drop one in the mail

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