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Motorized help for disabled hunter?
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BrianC 03-May-17
Scrappy 03-May-17
Brotsky 03-May-17
Skip72 08-May-17
ryanrc 08-May-17
From: BrianC
My wife and I just finished hunting season C up here in MN.

Mary shot a nice tom w/ her 20 gauge. 19 lbs 9 1/4" beard 5/8" spurs. And at 8 yds! I'm still out after them with my Bob Lee recurve.

She has been diagnosed with an auto immune muscle disease ( Polymyosis or Inclusion Body Myosis) that is affecting her ability to walk. She struggled getting to and from the blind during our hunt and mentioned probably not being able to hunt next year. I dropped her off and picked her up with our truck as much as circumstances would allow, but we are thinking a head for next year. I'm wondering if anyone has used an electric golf cart or ATV w/ a muffler silencer to transport a hunter to and from the turkey blind. And if there was any noticeable effects to the turkeys, especially in the morning when the toms are gobbling.

Thanks, Brian

From: Scrappy
Sorry to hear about your wife. Cheapest route is to wait til after sunrise and drive her to her blind. I have seen it multiple times birds get bumped off and are back out within the hour. I don't think there is any reliable way to drive near roosted birds without blowing them off the roost if they are close.

From: Brotsky
Brian, if you are talking about a field or something similar an electric golf cart would probably work pretty good. I'd be willin to bet you could even park it right next to the blind and it wouldn't even phase the turkeys. They're weird like that, if they don't see it as a threat it doesn't even register with them. I know I've seen plenty of them walking next to my truck, etc while it is parked.

From: Skip72
Polaris as well as several other manufacturers have battery powered hunting ATV's. They are pretty quiet.

From: ryanrc
Build a blind on a golf cart!

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