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S44 Colorado Sheep-any input appreciated
Wild Sheep
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armyscoutsniper 04-May-17
iceman 04-May-17
wildwilderness 04-May-17
Nick Muche 04-May-17
iceman 04-May-17
Mainer 04-May-17
Brotsky 04-May-17
Ermine 04-May-17
Cazador 04-May-17
Cajunarcher 04-May-17
BULELK1 05-May-17
Hey guys on top of my Alaska Chugach Dall Sheep tag I drew Colorado archery bighorn tag S44. Any input and help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. RLTW

From: iceman
My buddy had that tag in 2015. I made a scouting trip there for him. I'll get him to contact you.

There was a thread on S44 a few years back from Don V? sounded like a tough hunt.

I looked into the harvest statistics for the Archery hunt and it was the lowest in the state! The last 5 years the success has been: 2 rams killed for 24 tags issued= 8.3% success rate... The good news is that a few bowhunters have been successful so you have a chance! But realistically would need to plan max time and preparation for it.

From: Nick Muche
If anyone can fill this tag it's Justin...

2/6 NR sheep tags went to Alaskans. How cool.

Best of luck man, you'll get it done I'm sure!

From: iceman
Justin, Just replied to your PM. Tough unit, but it can be done.


From: Mainer
Had the tag way back in 2003. DIY. Shot a P&Y ram on day 2. I'm sure things have changed but drop me an email.

From: Brotsky
Take lots of pictures and come back here and post them for us <1'ers! Good luck on your hunt!

From: Ermine
Had a good buddy who hunted it a few years ago. Never saw a legal ram the entire hunt.

I belive the raffle ram came from it last year thou but killed later in the year

From: Cazador

Cazador's embedded Photo
Cazador's embedded Photo
If I Remeber right, this dunk came from there albeit, late, but he'll have fun in that red dirt.

From: Cajunarcher
I was with iceman on that scouting trip. Very tough unit mainly cause it's heavily timbered. Will be tough to locate sheep but if u do you will have plenty of cover. Good luck at least u have a sheep tag!

Replied to your PM--Justin.

I have a pic or two of harvested Rams

Good luck, Robb

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