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sleddogpa 09-May-17
Ollie 09-May-17
AZ~Rich 11-May-17
From: sleddogpa
Has anyone ever used this place for dip and ship? Also what should I expect in costs? 5 or 6 plains game shipped to NY?? Thanks for the info. 3 months to go. Can't wait!!!

From: Ollie
Your outfitter should be able to provide an estimate of what costs to expect. It won't be cheap!

From: AZ~Rich
Mostly each Safari operation has it's favored D&P that they utilize routinely. The D&P comes out to their facilities and picks up everything which is in the salt every week or two depending on volume. Your PH can accommodate special requests but usually most hunters just go with who they are using as a matter of convenience. You can easily inquire by email to Trophy Solutions and they will send you a price list for their D&P and other taxidermy services. The D&P many times does the crating as well otherwise it is done by the South African shipping company used by them. So you will have charges for the D&P then charges from the shipping company, plus charges from the import broker you choose here in the US to facilitate all the shipping, customs and USFWS clearance at port of entry and the shipping of your crated items to their US destination; (usually a USFWS permitted tannery used by your US taxidermist). By the end of it all, depending on what you plan to bring back of course, these bills can easily run you a couple grand or more for a decent size shipment; (i.e., the capes, backskins, horns/skulls for Kudu, wildebeest, impala, gemsbok, warthog, waterbuck, zebra, etc.) Then of course you have the taxidermy which you can do over some time after you have the capes tanned. I would recommend having all the tanning done here vs Africa even though they may look cheaper on the surface. If you have them tan hides or mount your trophy completely, you then have to pay VAT on finished goods plus crating gets much more elaborate (larger) and expensive for finished mounts so you may not save anything in the long run, plus many can tell you they were not very happy with the mount quality from some of these African taxidermists. (poorly paid locals do most of the work). Flora and Fauna in NY might be a good choice for your import broker since it is near you but there are a number of others which I have also used that are very good, such as Well Worldwide Energy Logistics out of Houston, and Coppersmith. I would have to say all of them did a fine job working with me and taking care of a number of details both in S Africa and in the US. These brokers know all the African shippers and coordinate trophy shipments with them routinely. Good luck! We leave in 32 days!

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