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Ultimate Predator, very happy!
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coelker 11-May-17
Scoot 11-May-17
razorsharp 11-May-17
MoosePMed 14-May-17
UltimatePred 15-May-17
Pat Lefemine 15-May-17
longbeard 15-May-17
Two Feathers 15-May-17
UltimatePred 15-May-17
UltimatePred 15-May-17
APauls 16-May-17
From: coelker
I just wanted to give a shout out to Ultimate Predator Decoys. I had ordered the wind drifter decoys, which worked awesome and got 2 toms this year already. In the process of using we had an issue with the decoys. Last night I contacted the company by Facebook and asked bout a possible fix to my issue. They shipped a complete new set this morning and provided me with a suggestion on how to fix the old set.

Fantastic Service and now I have to order more products.... I have only ever contacted a company with an issue a couple times in my adult life and I can say this was a great expeirence!

From: Scoot
I'll echo your post with a similar report. They've been great to work with and I'm happy to give them my future business!

From: razorsharp
Their camera is top notch too.

From: MoosePMed
Guys, we can't thank you enough for the kind words! We strive very hard to have exceptional customer service, and products... It's nice to hear that our customers recognize that. ~Luke

From: UltimatePred
Coelker, thank you for the post and kind words. I am glad we were able to address your issue, and that you have already had success with the Wind Drifters. That's wonderful! Feel free to call us with your hunting stories, 719-800-1492. That's our favorite part of this job.

Thank you to Scoot and RazorSharp for both of your kind words too.

From: Pat Lefemine
I've not tried their decoys yet but I've heard nothing but wonderful things about them and will do so next season. They look awesome! Glad to hear the customer service is top notch too. Based on our discussions with them when they signed onto Bowsite as sponsors, that's no surprise. Seems like a really solid company with outstanding products and services.

From: longbeard
I've had 2 situations this year where I used the Wind Drifter decoys and have had both set ups turn out to be very effective. The first was in April on a hunt in Virginia. The second was on a hunt this past Saturday in Ct. Two very happy hunters!! Thanks for a great product UP!!!!!

From: Two Feathers
I haven't used my deer decoy yet (except on the horses) but ordered one day and here the next day. Professional package and goods. I was impressed.

From: UltimatePred
Pat, thank you for letting us be a part of Bowsite. We have thoroughly enjoyed. You have a wonderful thing going here!

Longbeard, NICE!! I'm so happy to hear the Wind Drifters have been effective for you this season. That's always exciting to hear from customers.

From: UltimatePred
Well, we certainly appreciate your business Two Feathers. I hope you have a little fun come hunting season.

From: APauls
This is definitely the way to hear about a business, as opposed to the people that start a company, then sign up with a fake handle and pump their own product themselves through a different user.

The wheat and the chaff will always separate.

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