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From: Pat Lefemine

Pat Lefemine's embedded Photo
Finally. Been a tough season but I put that all behind me this morning. Nice big CT Tom shot in full strut.
Pat Lefemine's embedded Photo
Finally. Been a tough season but I put that all behind me this morning. Nice big CT Tom shot in full strut.
Actually shot this gobbler twice this morning. Called him in at first light to twenty yards and shot through his feathers while he was in full strut. But he didn't know what happened and walked back into the woods. I did a cutting call and he gobbled, so I knew he was unscathed. I sat in the blind and kicked myself for 30 minutes and was ready to pack it in but he gobbled 80 yards away and I fired him up again. He walked past me at 5 yards and this time I took my time and settled my nerves. He was in full strut again and I put the arrow through the boiler room. He ran 20 yards and fell over dead. I watched him for ten minutes then picked him up - he wasn't even twitching. As soon as I put my hands on him I snapped his neck!!!! In fact, every gobbler I kill, I'm going to kill him again from now on.

Finally, nice Tom. Can't believe I got a second shot at him. Redeemed.

Congratulations, Pat! Way to stick with it, and get the job done. That's a fine gobbler, and a well earned one, as well!

From: pav
Atta boy Pat!

From: Hawkeye
Congrats Pat! Great hunt and great photo man. Well done.

From: JW
Way to go Pat! Love the photo!

Great news! Absolutely spectacular trophy photo. Enjoy the day! C

From: Scrappy
Congrats on a great looking tom. You sure earned it.

From: Paul@thefort
Pat, your smile tells it all. Actually you put a smile on my face this morning and as always, a great way to start the day for you and me. Thanks for that. my best, Paul

From: jims
Patience is definitely a virtue! Great job. What a gorgeous tom! It looks like it has 1 tailfeather that is a little off colored that gives him even more vibrant contrast to the colors! Congrats!

From: scentman
Nice story, great pic!

From: t-roy
Way to go Pat. Redemption is sweet! Nice bird!

I take back the wisecrack from the "Loser" thread about you needing to just stick to foodplots ;>)

From: Timbrhuntr

Timbrhuntr's embedded Photo
Timbrhuntr's embedded Photo
Congrats !

From: Greg Kush
Good job, Pat!

From: Jaquomo
That's great! Your experience is very similar to mine - except one of mine didn't run away from me - and the feeling of redemption is so, so sweet! Way to stick with it!

From: trkyslr
Congrats on redemption and nice pic!

From: Brotsky
Congrats Pat! Beautiful bird!

Right on!!!! Congrats Pat!!!

From: Archerdan
Great job. I still laugh thinking about your earlier bird.

From: Scoot
Congrats Pat. As Peter Hathaway-Capstick says-- it's the dead ones that get ya. Not this time though!

Very nice!

From: otcWill
Attaboy Pat!!!

From: Lee
Great pic Pat! I ALWAYS step on their neck and either wring it or knock them in the head for insurance! They can be tough as you know :) great job!


From: INbowdude
Cool, congrats.

From: sticksender
Good to hear & congrats on getting 'er done.

From: GhostBird
Congratulations... sweeeeeeeet.

From: lewis
Good for you don't ever give up ever congrats ?? great looking turkey ?? Lewis

From: Drahthaar
Congratulations, nice picture also. Forrest

From: 203NTYP
Nice bird and I love the photo also. "As soon as I put my hands on him I snapped his neck!!!! In fact, every gobbler I kill, I'm going to kill him again from now on." Your statement above reminded me of something that happen to a friends sister. She went out for spring gobbler to a spot her brother had taken one and scored on a nice bird as well. She loves to hunt but can bring herself to touch a dead animal, go figure, so she carries a garbage bag with her for that reason. She tug the bird and scooped it up into the bag and put it in back of her SUV and headed home which was about 45 miles away. Not long into her trip back she heard a noise and looked in the rear view mirror and the gobblers head was poked through the bag looking over the back seat. She freaks out and finally pulled off the road and jumped screaming out of the SUV. Meanwhile, the gobbler is flopping all over the inside of the SUV throwing blood and feathers everywhere! It succumbed to the beating it took thrashing around in the SUV in a few minutes but it took a long time for his sister get back in the vehicle!

From: Wayniac

From: weekender21
Congrats, beautiful bird.

Congrats man.

After reading all these "turkey's coming back to life stories", It'd be great to have a thread compiling all of them. Funny stuff. God Bless men

From: Tall 1
Great bird Pat. It was a good morning for both of us. Outstanding picture too.

"In fact every Gobbler I kill I'm gonna kill again from now on"

Too funny! Pat's video will no doubt saved countless future gobblers from escape once on the ground. Keepin it real!!

From: Scar Finga
Well done sir! Congrats!

From: drycreek
Even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then. :-)

Nice! Congratulations!

From: Russell
That's a million dollar smile! Congrats on the bow kill.

From: Carcajou
Way to persevere, Pat. Congrats!

From: Dennis Razza
Thanks for keepin it real! A big congrats!!!

From: Bou'bound
Nice turkey.

All time classic photo quality.

From: steve
Way to go Pat !!

Congrats !!

From: Dino
Good job Pat! Perseverance often pays off.

From: Beav
Congrats Pat!

From: njbuck
Congrats Pat

From: Bullhound
Smile is best part of that picture! Congrats to you sir!

From: elkmtngear
Outstanding !

From: Bake
Nice!! Congrats!

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