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Elk Calling Lessons
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From: elkaholicid
Has anyone heard of Elk Calling Academy? Found them on Facebook and it looks like they do private elk calling lessons both in person and online via video chat. They also have some helpful reviews on calls and seem to have good reviews.

If it were me (it were me) start with YouTube. It's free. I don't do Facebook, and haven't heard of them. If you feel like you just cannot get anywhere with YouTube, spend your money on some lessons. I'm just trying to save a fellow Bowhunter money so you can put it towards your gas to hunt them.

From: booner
Check out the elknut videos helps with your calling and situations as well, very informative. You have to pay a little money but can watch them whenever you want to freshen up your skills. I really learned a lot from them and remember you do not have to be a pro caller to call in elk(I should know)

From: elkstabber
Oh boy! Getting the popcorn started now...

I too am a novice but found getting in amongst the elk is a great way to learn. Good luck! C

From: butcherboy
Paying for elk calling lessons, seriously?! My suggestion is to get maybe one good elk calling cd and listen to it. Start learning by mimicking those sounds and record yourself. Play your recording back and you can hear what you like and don't like. I started learning from an old Wayne Carleton cassette tape! Lol just remember that not all elk sound the same. I wouldn't pay someone for lessons.

From: tinecounter
I'd spend time watching and imitating videos (calling) on YouTube before wasting money on lessons. JMO

From: PECO
Get a CD and listen and practice while driving. Be careful though, some of those instructional CD's are infomercials trying to sell you a bunch of calls you probably don't need.

From: LTG 11
Just post some videos of your calling here and everyone will give you "helpful" suggestions.

From: Vids
Youtube videos to learn the different sounds, and record yourself to figure out how to improve your own sounds.

From: Teeton

Teeton's Link
If your new to elk hunting there's a sponsor here called " Elk 101 " that can help take years off your learning curve,, on just about every part of elk hunting. I've been hunting elk for over 20 year and joined last years and found many of new tips.. Here's a link to them.. Ed

What Teton said. Sign up for the University of Elk Hunting online course and you'll quickly find out it's worth every cent. I've been bowhunting elk for over 30 yrs with a couple dozen elk on the ground. Didn't think there was much I didn't know or understand. I was wrong. Whether it's calling, or elk hunting in general, you'll not only learn the how's, but more importantly, the why's.

From: Inshart
Check out Rocky Jacobson

From: IKE220

From: Yellowjacket
I'll say right up front I have no affiliation with this web site and don't even subscribe anymore. However, I did subscribe for a couple of years in the past and it helped me tremendously. And I'll credit one simple call learned off of here with killing my last 2 bulls.

This site has the vocalizations that elk actually use to communicate backed by videos of elk making and responding to those sounds. Along with videos how to apply those vocalizations in hunting strategies. And he covers the best calls for making various elk sounds.

Learn the simple call that he calls the assembly mew and I'll guarantee you it's effective enough to be worth the price of subscribing.

From: elkaholicid
I do agree that there are several sources that are free such as youtube and podcasts. But, can those sources give you feedback on changing the position of the reed? Or how to select the right reed for you? Or how to change your tongue and/or air pressure? There are a lot of choices out there and reeds do vary from one manufacturer to another. After-all, we do pay for piano, guitar, drum, dance and several other lessons. Why not have the option to do the same with Elk Calling Lessons? I know not everyone would be interested in a service like that, but I would think there would be some that would want to learn from someone to shorten the learning curve and make the most of their hunts.

Rocky Jacobson made Corey Jacobson ! It's in there blood and they know elk better than anyone! Elk 101 and bugling bull calls are a good Investment! Best of luck . Hunt

From: Irishman
Elk calling lessons?? It's more about being in the right place at the right time than how you sound. The people I hunt with sound much better than me, but it drives them nuts when elk answer me more than them. Maybe if you want to be in one of those elk bugling competitions it makes sense to get lessons, but real elk don't care how bad you sound. HA!

From: DeerNut
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From: DeerNut

From: LINK
Like others have said. YouTube everything by Corey Jacobsen and spend a lot of time with a call in your mouth. I try new diaphragms every year but have my go to calls. By the end of elk season I can bugle with about any of them when I could only bugle with a few before getting ramped up. For me it all comes down to fine tuning tongue pressure and there’s only one way to do that.

From: Coyote 65
Instead of getting lessons, get yourself a variety of cow calls. That way you can sound like a whole herd.


From: jdbbowhunter
Watch some youtube videos. Get some elk call and practice. Then practice some more. Not to difficult and alot of good info on youtube. Watch some of the RMEF Calling Contests also.

From: Aspen Ghost
Just be careful that you learn from someone with the right elk accent. You don't want to be trying to call in Idaho elk with a Colorado accent. Although sometimes those bulls will fall for a cow with a southern accent so you might try Kentucky elk talking.

From: eBike John
Yep. Cory Jacobsen from is (if I'm not mistaken) the World Elk Calling Champion and he has a course. He also has an extensive youtube channel with tons of videos.

I like Elknuts App, it allows you to record your call and play it next to a real elk of the same vocalization and or His call. And every imaginable type of communication that elk make. When to use it and what it means.

From: elkster
Elk 101 is good.

From: jingalls
Another vote for ElkNut app. You can listen to what your supposed to sound like, and then record yourself and listen to it side by side to see if you got it. Very handy.

From: PREZ
I was a member of Elk Calling Academy. Tons of great info.....but I learned on youtube from Joel Turner, Roe Hunting Resources, Dirk Durham. Live with the call in your mouth and keep practicing. Phelps calls work best for me.

From: swede
I hunted one time with an individual that has a home full of trophy elk heads from animals he killed in central and eastern Oregon with his bow. All he uses to call elk is a bite and blow power bugle. He does not do anything fancy. He is sparing with his calls and keeps them short.

From: Mt. man
Interesting approach when you talk about Elk Calling lessons with YOURSELF? The OP on this post is actually the same person who does the Elk Calling Academy. Trying to advertise on Bowsite without paying as a sponsor????? Hmmmm? Self promote much?

Rockie is the original and many are still chasing him in many ways!

From: Norseman
I used the white rump call for twenty years until I figured them damn elk out.

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