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From: TravisK
I recently bought a new pair of Lowa Camino boots. Previously I wore a pair of Hanwags from Lathrop & Son's paired with their Synergy footbeds. I really liked the fit and feel, but they are heavy. I was curious what you all have been using and would recommend?

My go to general hunting boot is a pair of Cabelas Meindl Perfekt boots. Most comfortable pair of boots I have ever owned. I just use the factory insole but I do have a pair of superfeet still in their box waiting for me to put them in there. Just haven't had the need since the boots are awesome straight out of the box.


Cheesehead Mike's Link
I have tried several different kinds of insoles and I haven't found anything better than the Lathrop Synergy footbeds. I have one pair that I use in whatever boot I am wearing.

My second choice is the Spenco Total Support insoles (see my link).

A lot people like the Superfeet Green, but they're too hard and slippery for me and cause slippage.

I'm one of those that prefer Superfeet Green. However, we're all different, so as Mike points out, what works for one may, or may not, work for another.

From: Scar Finga
Redwings makes a great insole... If you have a store close by, they can measure your feet and tell you which one is the best for you. they don't charge 400.00 like the good feet store does. I use them in all my boots and shoes and they won't break the bank.


From: NoWiser
Do you have foot problems, knee problems, or back problems that you are trying to solve? I have trouble with foot and knee pain and have tried more insoles than I care to even think about. The only ones I've found that do any good are prescription ones. They are expensive, but worth it for me.

From: Sparky27
Like others have said, the best insole (and boot) is different for everyone. My feet do really well on an insole with stiff support, so I really like the Superfeet Greens.

From: WapitiBob
I found Superfeet and Sole to be too hard and slick causing hot spots. I went to DR Scholes athletic and they worked well. From there I went to Lathrop's as they were less volume, which I needed in the hanwags.

From: ohiohunter
Slap those synergy insoles in those Caminos and tell us how they feel.

From: Ridge Rock
Sole Ultra Softec or Sole Softec Responce custom footbeds

From: fisherick
After several visits to Podiatrists and Orthopedic doctors over the years their suggestions have been to buy custom orthos or just buy Superfeet like they do. Both work the same.

From: Scooby-doo
The Good Feet store!! Not sure you have one in your area but they make custom insoles and they are not too pricey, actually with a doctors script a lot of insurance will pay for them! Scooby

From: TravisK
Thanks all! My main reason for looking is develop the best fit/feel as possible. I'm pretty fortunate to not get hot spots or blisters much, but I have learned that a great fitting boot reduces foot and leg fatigue and that's important.

From: ohiohunter
Superfeet were designed by an ortho (or podiatrist). You can't just blindly buy your size, you have to stand on them to make sure the arch is in line with yours, regardless of size marked on the box, then trim as needed. I think my insoles are cut down size 13 to 12. They're pretty affordable if you bypass the store and hit ebay. For $20-25 I'll have superfeets in most all my footware.

From: TD
What Scoot said. All depends on the boot and what you want out of the insole to improve the boot. Just picked up a pair of non-insulated Lacross burly something. Because they pretty much suck as far as support, the hard green superfeet are a great pairing for them, made a good deal of improvement on the boot. I used the same insole with the schnees pack boots I had that finally died (told me they couldn't resole them any more.....) Rubber bottom boots seem to often lack support.

With my Russells I had good support, but they were hard as rocks, I forget the insole I had in them, you put it in an oven and heated them up, then put them in the boot, put the boot on, laced it up and cooked your feet.... or so it seemed.... while they added some arch and heel support they had a real nice cushion to them, made the improvement I was looking for.

I have the Caminos now as well...... Not sure if I will replace the insole or not..... it's pretty good for me right now. Plenty of support in the boot so if anything maybe some more cushion, we'll see. I'd love some input as to a "softer" insole, seems the older I get the less and less padding I have over my bones...... particularly my feet.

From: Reflex
I have the green superfeet as well. I just got them though, so I don't have a full report on how much like them yet.

From: Ken
I like Superfeet Green for hunting boots. I use other insoles for different activities like running. To find what I like I tried different insoles from The Insole Store until I found ones I like. You can waste a lot of $30-$40 insoles until you find the ones you like and still be a lot cheaper than buying one pair of custom orthodics.

From: TD
Mike and Scoot, good info and links. Looks like what I'm looking for WRT cushion. Wow, that crosstrainer is a 1/2" thick!

From: willliamtell
IMO it's good to have a custom ortho just so you know what an insole that really fits your foot feels like. Then you can mess around with Scholls or Superfeet or whatever gives you the best fit for $30 or so. My foot carries the arch a ways forward, so using off-the-shelf footbeds, even the one that fits my feet the best, I have to buy a couple sizes larger and cut/shape the toe area and even the sides down a bit - a pain but definitely worth it to get my best DIY semi-custom fit. Foot support - another thing you barely if ever noticed when you were young, ten feet tall and bulletproof and now you are really glad to have, especially carrying serious loads.

From: jims
Superfeet are way to hard for my feet. I use Spencos with good padding and change them out every 4 to 6 months (I wear them everyday at work). Another thing that has helped me is socks with additional padding in the bottom of the socks (Thorlos sell them). I also buy boots about 1/2 size larger so I can add thicker insoles.

From: boatinsole

boatinsole's Link
Great for skate insole for all people.

And 5 1/2 years later my Lathrop synergy footbeds are still going strong, in fact they're in my Camino's right now...

From: Nick Muche
Same for me Mike, I’ve got them in every boot I own. Still going strong years later.

From: Brotsky
Same Mike and Nick, I've had mine for 3 years and still going strong.

From: Beendare
Some great posts above. Considerations are; Fit/contour, volume, cushion

I order a few different ones, lay them on a hard surface and see how they match my feet.

Sometimes the most cushion feel best at first but not the best choice for long treks.

Had been running superfeet for a couple years in my Lowa Tibets. Recently switched to SheepFeet for this season. Really like the "custom" nature of SheepFeet and the durability of them. They were a bit pricey but in my opinion well worth it.

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