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Magnus Bullhead replacement blades
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stick n string 16-May-17
Cocoon Man 16-May-17
t-roy 17-May-17
I bought the 100 green model because that's all that my archery shop had. I killed a gobbler with one last Friday, but as I shot he turned towards the decoy and I just barely caught him enough to put him down. The wider cut of the 125 would have given me a little more room for error. My question is can I just buy replacement blades for the 125 grain and mount them onto the 100 grain model head or are the heads specifically made to except one blade or another? Thanks in advance for any help

From: Cocoon Man
Yes you can interchange them. I started with 125 and switched to the 100.

From: t-roy
Good to know! All I've ever used are the 100 grainers.

They make me a better shot;-)

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