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Manitoba hunt with Bear Track
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LesWelch 16-May-17
Brotsky 16-May-17
midwest 16-May-17
SteveB 17-May-17
Reflex 17-May-17
From: LesWelch

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I booked a cancellation hunt for my son Hunter and I over Memorial week with Bear Track. We'll be leaving Wisconsin on May 27th. Service and wi-fi will be very limited so I'll be posting updates at the link and on my Instagram. I may do a recap here when we return. If interested just follow along one of those places.

My Instagram is les_welch_

From: Brotsky
Following along on IG Les, good luck and safe travels!

P.S. Go hungry, because you won't be after you get there!

From: midwest
Good times ahead, Les! Double up on the thermacells!

From: SteveB
You'll have a great time! If the lake gets rough, Ron is your man! I had a very memorable trip across and back with him one evening..........

From: Reflex
I remember that, Steve! Good luck Les! Will be following along waiting to hear how things go.

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