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Baiting high pressure bears
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AKHUNTER 17-May-17
Rock 17-May-17
Bou'bound 17-May-17
Mike Ukrainetz 17-May-17
AKHUNTER 18-May-17
I am baiting on public land that gets a lot of hunting pressure mostly during the weekends. To avoid this I hunt or bait the sight mostly during the week.

Once the bears start hitting the bait is it better to sit the stand at every opportunity or is it better to continue to keep the bait filled but let the bears become accustomed to the bait and try to get them to set some sort of pattern?

From: Rock
I would say hunting every possible opportunity, if the big one only messes up once and comes in during daylight and you are not there you just missed your opportunity.

From: Bou'bound
sit it as much as you can. you only need one bear to do one thing wrong for 30 seconds and you're in business. be there.

It depends on whether you are after a specific big bear or not? If yes then I would say before May 25 you want the bear to first show daylight pictures before hunting it. Bait it with a lot of volume and variety of goods. After May 25 hunt it as much as possible because once the breeding has started who knows what might show up when. If you are just after any bear then just get out and hunt as much as you can. Good luck.

Well I followed your advise and sat for 9 hours in 40* weather with a steady rain yesterday. All I can say is the Sitka Coldfront gear is awesome. Got home round 1am. Passed on a couple smaller blackies and had 1 brownie that I almost shot just to keep him from continuing to destroy my barrel. (Brown Bear are legal in my area). It's amazing at the power these bears have when you are watching them from 14 yards.

Yesterday I reached the stand at 3pm. Tonight I am going to wait until 7 or 8 before sitting. All the bears I see or the camera sees have come in between 10:30pm-1:30am. It gets pretty dark by about midnight.

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