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NR New Brunswick moose tag
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Trial153 17-May-17
milnrick 17-May-17
TSI 17-May-17
PAstringking 18-May-17
Mcadam 18-May-17
HuntingAdict 18-May-17
Trial153 18-May-17
NY Bowman 24-May-17
Trial153 24-May-17
From: Trial153
A good friend of mine drew a NR New Brunswick moose tag, looking like it will be the last week of sept for a hunt. From what I am seeing it looks like the north west units are the place for large bulls and decent numbers of moose. Being a non resident he is forced to go the outfitted route. Does anyone have any recent recommendations for Outfitters or units. It my understand that the NR tag isn't unit specific till it's designated, so there is some flexibility. And before someone posts ...I already looked in the outfitter reports. I would like to find some more recent information and references. I will be rubbing his head for good luck also...because he has a horse shoe up his ass drawing moose tags in the north east. Thanks in advance Jimmy

From: milnrick
Call Dave at TSI, while he's the BEST bear guide in the province, he's damned good with moose too. He may be able to help you if he didn't draw an Outfitter Tag.

From: TSI
I've got one booked in now but we will be remote camped and can take one more.

From: PAstringking
Carl Stewart of Stewarts Old Pine Lodge

From: Mcadam
Call Dave Cole with TSI. You won't be disappointed.

From: HuntingAdict
JLR Outfitters up near bathurst is a great group of guys and they kill some big moose. I've hunted with him a handful of times for bears and have always done well.

From: Trial153
Thanks for all the info and Pms guys, we are processing it all.

From: NY Bowman
I drew a NB moose tag as well. Hooray!

From: Trial153
Thanks for all the info guys. After few frantic days of digging and phone calls he is all set and booked in an area that he wanted. Thanks again

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