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looking for a great moose hunt
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From: booner
Looking for a great moose hunt. Looking towards Alaska and want something 60" +,this will be a one time only trip so please help me find a great outfitter thanks

From: carcus
isle royale

Renfro. You'll have to pay and you'll have to wait.

From: t-roy

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Call Stan Parkerson with Denali Hunts out of Fairbanks. I hunted with them in 2014 & had a great time. Plus, he only takes archery hunters.

From: Matt Quick
I hunted with Stan Parkerson in 2013. Had a great hunt and he's one of the finest outfitters I've met. Keep in mind when you hunt AK rivers you will likely see other hunters. If I was going once and was looking for a 60" bull I'd go to the Yukon or Northern BC.

From: Pig Doc
Nahanni Butte.

6 DIY float trips to Alaska and no moose for me. It can be done but it's "challenging" to get it done on just one trip. Best!

From: JusPassin
Amazing how population and game management needs have changed this sport. I had a cousin from WI who hunted Ontario years ago who took over 20 moose. He went alone every year. Hardly cost him anything. Depressing.

Joe Shuster at Sportsman Air Service offers both guided and unguided hunts. He has a great area with an awesome population of BIG moose. $20k guided or pair up with a buddy for a $9,250 unguided hunt for 2 people. His areas are almost all draw but the odds are pretty good.

I am not affiliated with Joe, nor have I ever hunted with his outfit. I just know that I have hunted in some of the areas he guides in and seen some of the racks waiting at the airport for the next cargo plane and talked to a few of his clients.

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