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One goat hunt available.
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I only do one goat hunt a year and this years hunter back out this year. So this year it is back up for grabs.

This will be a backpack hunt. 7 days of hunting Sept 1-7 Hunter need to be in decent shape, 2000 to 3000 feet of elevation a day will be the norm.

All in pricing License, Tag, NRHPF, and tax $8500.00 USD

Pick up and dropoff in Williams Lake BC.

Not included: taxidermy and shipping cost mtn gear, sleeping bag, and backpack capable of caring 7 days worth of gear and some meat.

That's a great price! Goat hunts are getting more and more expensive, most are over $10,000. Coats will be nice by then. Do you only get a one goat per year quota or you just choose to only run one hunt?

Mike, I only do one hunt at most in this area. I have no quota on goats in my concession but as I do my own guiding I can only take so many hunts.

From: caribou77
Yes, that is a great price, and I will be hunting in quebec..... Someones gonna get a great deal

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