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Bigdan 25-May-17
Tilzbow 25-May-17
willliamtell 26-May-17
BULELK1 26-May-17
From: Bigdan
Nevada has there website down there drawing was today should be soon

From: Tilzbow
Drawing took place yesterday, results tomorrow. It's already over but our knowledge of the results and if it's posted before 4:00 PM Friday I'll be surprised. Good luck to all you non-residents and to you residents since my tag was drawn before yours so your chances dropped slightly at some point yesterday.

From: willliamtell
Holding my breath - NOT. Still, Nevada true to their style gives everyone a gambler's chance.

Nv is very important to me this year as it will determine my Wyo G deer appl and my Az. muley and D-Ram appl.

Thanks for the follow-up Tilzbow

Good luck, Robb

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