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Ambush 27-May-17
Dyjack 27-May-17
Rock 27-May-17
From: Ambush

Ambush's MOBILE embedded Photo
Ambush's MOBILE embedded Photo

Went to do some work on a bush food plot. I have an old chest freezer there, that I store stuff in. Two steel hasps and its weather , squirrel, mouse and I thought bear proof. I've had bears wreck ground blinds in this location and eat trail cams. But I didn't think they could crack this safe. Moved it about twenty feet and literally tore one hasp off and ripped the top open.

I might be happy I still have one tag left. Haven't loaded the cam pics yet, but I have s suspicion I'll recognize the culprit

From: Dyjack
Maybe you're dealing with a goddamn samsquanch

From: Rock
Rod, I know how fix this problem let me know if you want me to come up and take care of it for you. :-)

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