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wildwilderness 27-May-17
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squirrel 31-May-17
Couchburn 13-Jun-17
wildwilderness 13-Jun-17
Couchburn 13-Jun-17
Gadjet 14-Jun-17
Getting excited for my first sheep tag! If anyone knows anything about this hunt I would appreciate any tips. I drew the archery season on the Pikes Peak unit and it runs Nov 10- 30.

From: Cazador
Don't know anything about it, but those dates = find the Ewes and watch them. No telling what will show up.

From: squirrel
I hunted it 20 years ago before they included 6, and did their best to ruin it by going a month earlier. My guess is by going a month earlier my info is obsolete. It WAS an amazing hunt in Dec with rams going nuts over the girls and slamming heads to be heard for miles echoing down the canyons. Good luck on your adventure.

Thanks squirrel, So would you recommend hunting later in the season? to take advantage of the Rut? Where did you find the sheep (elevation?) in Dec?

From: squirrel
I sent you a pm give me a call, not sure how valid it will be, I'm sure a lot varies with snows.

From: Couchburn
I shot my Ram in unit 46 back in 2004. Great hunt but be patient. The rams migrate into the lower country as the weather gets colder or if there is snow fall. A good place to look high is oil creek and the drainages leading into the wildlife area. Good luck.

Thanks, couchburn what date did you shoot your Ram?

From: Couchburn
I think it was around the 18th of November. I waited a week after the opener due to a warm spell. I ended up glassing the upper end of the unit after not finding anything in the traditional lower country. Most of the sheep eventually end up in the state wildlife area later in the season. This area can be hard to access, so you may need to get permission from landowners prior to your hunt.

From: Gadjet
I don't have much info on those units but I will be chasing rams in your bordering units to the south [S60/S5] during October. Good luck on your hunt!

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