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Bear Hunting sure is Easy!!
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Charlie Rehor 02-Jun-17
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Just returned from a great bear hunt in Saskatchewan and have to give Kudo's to all the great bear guides out there. So much work is done before, during and after we hunt. This short video has no bear kill but shows one tiny little step along the way to killing a big bear. If you don't expect this it's not an adventure. It's all a process and it's way harder than most people think. Rock on Bear guides! Enjoy every day you get to hunt. C

From: Mt. man
Shoulda bought a HONDA! Hee Hee!

From: Brotsky
Ha! Nice Charlie! Looks a little "damp"! Hope you had a great hunt!

From: Zebrakiller

Zebrakiller's embedded Photo
Zebrakiller's embedded Photo
it sure is!


Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
Running the edge of a lake can save you 20 minutes or cost you an hour:)

Zebrakiller I like that one must of took a bit to get her out.

From: GregE
Wow, nearly over the wheels and track.....


From: drycreek
Looks like his front wheels weren't pulling. I had that surprise just a few weeks ago showing a timber guy my place. It's a little embarrassing when your four wheel drive is just two wheel ! Then you say, " We'll just winch her out ", and your winch won't commence either..............

Running one bait on my own property is all the work in bear baiting that I ever care to take on. Bear guides put their trucks and quads through hell... their equipment gets covered with the nastiest stickiest crap on the planet.... and their 5 year old trucks look like they've been beaten to death... because they have !! All to cater to people... who have saved and spent their hard earned money and come to camp with HIGH expectations...... God forbid any of them don't see a bear for 3 nights.... After 23 years of dealing with people as a Police Officer.... there's no way I'd ever entertain working as a hunting guide.... Thank you bear guides for all you do and all you go through to give hunters a crack at a bear and try to make a living !!

From: t-roy
Looks like hip boots are a "must have" item on a bear hunt!.....or maybe chest waders

Big Bear, TY for all u do as a police officer...

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