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Ramhunter 30-May-17
Ziek 30-May-17
Ermine 30-May-17
MathewsMan 31-May-17
From: Ramhunter
Went for a drive over the holiday weekend and was amazed by the amount of snow at and above timberline in the central mountains. It is going to be a few more weeks before one can get high to scout. The sheep unit I drew is also still snow covered. In the past, I have spent quality time above timberline doing early season scouting over Memorial Day, not this year. If you have a tag in a unit below 10,000 feet, you are snow free.

From: Ziek
We do have more late snow this year than many years, but I've had to camp in snow many years at 10,000' as late as July 4th. Not all that unusual.

From: Ermine
Yea got a couple of big storms in may

Be awhile before it's gone

It was snowing at 10,000 just the other day near the house

From: MathewsMan
Trapper's lake was still iced in about 9 days ago, the trail to the lake several feet deep. It seems like it is greener later this year than most years, usually by this week the grass is drying out.

The Mule deer and Antelope does are close to dropping their fawns- we have a handful of each we watch in our yard every day.

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