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Wild Sheep
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From: gunslinger
Well it's going to be someone's lucky day as we have just had a guy break a bone and has had to cancel his hunt for this year from August 15-25 in the NWT - if anyone is looking to go chasing dall sheep this fall here's your chance, gimme a call or message me, I leave for grizzly bear this afternoon

From: Doc06
I am interested.

From: gunslinger
Gentlemen I replied to you all today and I also have one more hunt for dall sheep come up in the Yukon if anyone is interested

From: gunslinger

gunslinger's embedded Photo
gunslinger's embedded Photo
Gentlemen the one hunt is sold for the August 15-25 hunt and the other hunt is from August 5-15. Please call, text 1-780-621-7989 if your interested in dall sheep hunting this year. The option for Mountian caribou on trophy fee is avavilabe for 6500$

From: Katahdin
Looks pretty steep

From: kota-man
No matter the species, Pat's terrain is ALWAYS that steep in his pics. ;)

From: iceman
Hahahahaha!! Kota - that's funny.

gunslinger - Can you explain how your company works? Your website only talks about moose, deer, and bear, but you have posts about sheep and Ibex. I'd like to find a little more info on those. Just confused as to why Garrett Bros is listed in the thread title, but doesn't seem to be the outfitter. I'm assuming you are a booking agent as well as an outfitter? Not being negative so please don't take it that way......just need to be educated! :) Thanks in advance!

From: gunslinger
Oh no problem at all John, After I was the youngest person in the world to ever complete the superslam of North America and then went on to complete the world Slam of sheep and now one animal away from the world slam of goats I had hunted around the world. Africa Argentina New Zealand Russia America many many places and j also outfitted over 500 clients in Alberta. But my real job wAs drilling rigs and rental businesses so when the crash Happened my phone went off the hook asking where people should hunt so I just kept outfitting and started booking hunters and now it's so busy doing this that I'm hiring people. When you can trust a guy to send you to a place I've been and know it makes my clients super secure. Oh and I'm also a very socialable person and I am super up to date on all animals and hunts I kind of take a lot of pride in what I do as I am a hunter also, I have 123 repeat clients rihht now that I book every single one of there hunts for and his year I booked 73 different hunts for 23 deiffernt outditteds all over the world. Oh and my damn website was supposed to be finished months ago, so yea

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