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Recommend an alaska dall sheep outfitter
Wild Sheep
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caribou77 03-Jun-17
Charlie Rehor 03-Jun-17
bbates 03-Jun-17
kscowboy 03-Jun-17
caribou77 03-Jun-17
jims 03-Jun-17
kota-man 03-Jun-17
Southern draw 03-Jun-17
Eric AK 03-Jun-17
Bono 03-Jun-17
TheSaint 03-Jun-17
TK 04-Jun-17
iceman 05-Jun-17
caribou77 06-Jun-17
From: caribou77
Any help here would be appreciated. I have contacted a few already and am 90% on my choice, but would like any thoughts you all may have. I do not need a "trophy". Just want a sheep hunt and a great experience. Its a bucket list hunt that I feel I can finally afford and be comfortable doing so. This will most likely be a 2019 hunt. I have obviously looked through many old threads, but sometimes things get missed. Thank you all for you help.

Sometimes it takes more than two years to get a good archery dall hunt booked. I chose the NWT for my Dall hunt because that area had more Dall entries in The P&Y Club and went with Nahanni Butte. It was definitely a bucket list hunt for me which I'm so glad I went. Best of luck. C

From: bbates
I would call Jonah Stewart in Ak he is a bow hunter and would be my first call for Ak.

I'll be on a rifle hunt with him in a few months.

But I would probably go and spend more for the NWT if I was Bowhunting a dall

From: kscowboy
If you are considering Tom Shankster, do yourself a favor and run a Google search.

Be honest with us, is it bow or rifle? I did a rifle hunt in 2013 successfully in AK--it was a tough hunt. I agree on the bow comment in regards to looking outside of AK. If you are taking the bow, I'd go to NWT and save for another year. Yes, more expensive but your odds of tagging a sheep (and a good one) are likely much higher.

From: caribou77
Been talking with Jonah. And more than likely I'd take a rifle.

From: jims
I rifle hunted Alaska dalls nonguided (next of kin) 2 times in the last 5 years. There's a pretty good chance I would have struck out if I hunted with bow. If you look at the toughest limited draw archery units in Alaska the success rates for bowhunters is pretty horrible. With that said, if I was set on bowhunting and paying that much for a guided hunt I would definitely consider NWT or the Yukon. My guess is that lots of sheep in NWT don't see a hunter for years and years while Alaska rams tend to have a lot more hunting pressure. Also, you may have a better chance of harvesting a whopper ram in NWT.

I drew a Chugach tag a couple seasons ago. The biologist and pilot that fly the unit I drew said they hardly saw any legal (FC rams) during their surveys. Sheep/ram numbers are currently super low in some of the Chugach units...another consideration. Obviously sheep numbers vary from 1 area to the next but it would definitely be a question I would ask any outfitter I am interested in. There's hardly anything on earth as fun as sheep hunting so have a great time and good luck!

From: kota-man

kota-man's embedded Photo
kota-man's embedded Photo
Hard to beat a rifle hunt with Jonah. I've hunted with him three times all with great results.

I was a resident of Alaska when I hunted sheep there so I cant be of much help with outfitters. I would be looking at NWT also in my search ,I can say Stan Stevens runs a great camp although I hunted Caribou with him I know he has some great archery guides. Good luck on your adventure.

From: Eric AK

Eric AK's embedded Photo
Eric AK's embedded Photo

From: Bono
I hunted moose with Eric, he is a very good guide

From: TheSaint
Just finished my grizzly hunt with Eric and am considering hunting dall sheep with him as well.

From: TK
I will be hunting w Eric this fall for Moose and hopefully if I am fortunate to enough to tag a moose early will have time to pursue other species like a Dall, one like the above would work.

From: iceman
I've hunted dalls in AK twice (rifle) with 2 different outfitters. I can share my experiences with you if you'd like. PM me if so.


From: caribou77
Thanks to everyone for the pm and advice. Sorry I havent had a chance to call everyone yet.

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