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FL Aug, AM or PM?
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From: DonVathome
Want to hunt hogs around Orlando FL 3rd week of August. Went last year had a blast. Guide told us mornings were not nearly as good as evenings (baited hunt)`. Do you agree? The big reason I ask is we are gator hunting in the evenings with nothing to do in AM and during the day - so if we could AM hunt it would mean staying 1 less day.

From: Dollar
Hogs are just like deer and every other animal.Under normal circumstance they follow moon phase or activity schedules relating to the moon.I see it day after day month to month.Even with high activity schedule in the middle of the day they will get up and feed. Early morning and late afternoon are just convenient and more comfortable for us. If its feeders you hunt then the animals will focus on the scheduled time on the feeder. Predators will precede the others by an hour or so to get into position coming and going from bedding to feeding areas. This is what I have noticed for the last 20 plus years on ranch I have.I see all sorts of animals following the activity schedules coon,amadilo,squirrels etc..They all follow the moon in my opinion. Good luck

From: Zebrakiller
Cant kill them in camp, Just like bear camp I eat breakfast and go to stand Im on stand 7 hours before most even get there, but sometimes IM back at camp with a nice bear before they leave, I say dont wast any time hunt.

From: Florida Mike
Hogs don't always follow the script....

I would ask the guide if they have a timer on the feeder? Or if its just out all the time? I have seen pigs in the AM but always before sunrise, and then heading back to dark bedding area. I guess the problem is they will be feeding before shooting light, so getting into a stand/blind would run them off. Just have to wake up really early to get in so they may come back in time.

From: Pigsticker
I prefer to hunt pigs in the morning because they are active longer all things considered but I have not hunted baited pigs.

From: DonVathome
Thanks guys, good point about feeders - could be set for only PM

From: dm/wolfskin
You never know unless you go.

From: bigswivle
Anytime after a big afternoon thunderstorm(happens every day in august) the animals will be on there feet

From: Ollie
PM, PM, PM! I have killed a lot of hogs in south Georgia and Florida. I will take the final 30 minutes of daylight over the entire day up to that point any day of the week. Pigs move and feed a lot at night, especially if there is any moon light. By first light most pigs are bedded for the day. Yes, there are a few stragglers that are late to bed but your best bet is the final 30 minutes of daylight.

From: Lee
If they let you still hunt it might be worth it otherwise I'd take evenings anytime - I'd take the last 30 minutes over the whole day!

From: Mint
Been hunting hogs in florida with an outfitter for 16 years now sometimes going twice a year. Evenings are five times as more productive than mornings all those years hunting feeders. I thinks its because the corn thrown from the feeder is really just a snack or small meal for the pigs. In the mornings they have been feeding all night so the feeder is not going to draw them as much. But in the evening they will be bedded close to the feeder and when it goes off they can't resist coming in if their are other pigs around especially if young pigs rush right in and start feeding. I usually go spot and stalking in the mornings since you can catch a group going to their beds unless someone else in our group wants to go with the guide. Then I'll go sit a feeder in the morning. Maybe you could go hunt pigs until dark and then go gator hunting?

From: DonVathome
Thanks guys!

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