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Lady Bowhunter 05-Jun-17
Pigsticker 05-Jun-17
rodb 05-Jun-17
Pigsticker 08-Jun-17
Reload 08-Jun-17
Ibow 09-Jun-17
Thinking about a combo bear/wolf hunt for 2019. Does anyone know anything about this outfitter?

Thanks, Millie

From: Pigsticker
What is the fee if you take a wolf?

From: rodb
I was with them about 10 years ago elk hunting. I believe the place has changed hands since then. Did call in a bear to an elk call. Didn't hear any wolves though.

From: Pigsticker
I have a friend who went on five unsuccessful guided trips. His last three were successful because he went on recommended hunts from known sources. He just did a successful bear hunt with Mike's Outfitting who is a bowsite sponsor.

There are several other bowsite sponsor bear outfitters who have threads showing hunts and the success. I would opt for a well known outfitter with known success versus an unknown.

Remember you get what you pay for!

From: Reload
I did a drop elk hunt with them in 2004. Ray Christopherson? was the outfitter at that time. He had a guy in camp that was looking to purchase business at that time. Not sure if Ray still runs the outfit. FYI steep, unforgiving terrain

From: Ibow

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Consider contacting Pat Garrett from Garrett Brothers in Alberta. I'm sure he could help you out.

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