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MT Moose
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From: Bull-Tipper
MT Moose drawing is the week of 6/13. As a NR I noticed on GoHunt Insider that basically most units draw one NR every other year. But, I still want my chance! When I was a R there, I knew men that had put in for 30 ish years and never drawn. And I knew several females who drew within the first few years of putting in. How many of you hunters are sitting there with your fingers crossed? How many years?

I already drew/harvested my Shiras Bull (Wyoming) so I don't apply anymore in any states-------->

Kinda like giving someone else a chance to draw.

Good luck, Robb

From: Smtn10PT
year 7 for me

From: Bigdan
I have 15 on moose one less than max. I turned a permit back a few years ago and lost a point that year

From: Irishman
I have the maximum number of points for moose and was putting in for at least 10 years before that with no luck yet. Never drawn a sheep or a mountain goat either. Maybe this year I will draw everything.

From: sticksender
For non residents, MT may be worth applying in, but definitely not a state to get your hopes up for drawing as a NR. Just a state to gamble on an extreme longshot, if you have the money to burn. This is partly a result of the extremely high demand among residents for Moose tags. Montana has traditionally issued only 3% to 4% of their Moose tags to NR's each year. That's the lowest rate among all their high demand species. There are no Moose tags allocated to NR's in MT, and NR's are restricted to specific units. So NR applicants are basically overwhelmed by the volume of residents who apply, and blacked out by the unit restrictions.

Other states (Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho) conduct their draws differently, and the result is higher NR draw odds for Moose. CO & WY allocate a percentage of tags specifically to NR's. Idaho has a different system, restricting applicants to choosing just one species. This means drastically better odds for those who choose Moose. In any case.....good luck in the draw, MT is one of the last slim hopes we have left this year.

From: BigOzzie
Grandad lived and died without drawing in MT Dad drew several years ago after 40 years of application I Have not put in every year but have been applying for 38 years. It is depressing because we have a remote cabin with moose around. I called one in the year after dad got his just because I could. He took 45 minutes to get to me after I spotted him. When dad asked how close he came my response was 30 yards from the cabin freezer. Worst part didn't have a camera just my recurve. So no shots of any kind. My day will come.


From: Bigdan
I have had 3 goat tags 2 sheep tags one a ewe & 2 moose tags turned one back in The wolves had put the hurt on the moose in that unit So I saved my points feeling another unit would be my pick with my max points. but that year I got my 80% refund but no bonus point for that year . I have 5 Sheep bonus points and my 7 year wait was over last year I built up sheep points applying for hard to draw ewe tags back fired one year when I drew the ewe tag I just got the tag and never tried to fill it.

From: Deflatem
I have applied for Moose for 30 years in Montana without success. I drew a Sheep last year (2016) on the 30th year.(WOOHOO) Maybe this will be my year for Moose.

In it to win it! I think I have 4 points.

If I killed a Shiras in MT, I'd probably stop applying in WY, but not in UT. Can't get myself to apply for moose in ID, I want a sheep tag too bad.

From: Mike-TN
I have drawn in MT and CO.... I dumped my WY points after the CO tag. Would trade one of those tags for a sheep or goat tag. I also got a DIY AK Yukon moose years ago so I have been pretty lucky with the moose. Mike

From: Bull-Tipper
Bigdan is correct about the wolf issue. Moose calves are just like candy to them. The fire in Olney drove the wolf pack south to the Star Meadows. The wolves moved in and decimated the moose in that whole end of the hunt unit. I called a bull in for a lady that drew a tag there once but you are hard pressed to find one there now. Sad.

From: Greg S
I drew my fourth year applying and got a decent Shiras my first day DIY. Kinda wish I had passed and kept looking but when you are solo and get a bull in a spot you can handle it by yourself I choose to let the loose.

From: Tatonka
I'm on year 39 and have the max points and still haven't drawn.. That includes sheep, goat, and moose. I'll probably tip over before I tip a Montana moose over. :)

From: Bull-Tipper
Big ole nope for me this year.

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