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Black bear weight / length
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From: Ogoki
Seems like there are many bear experts on here as in outfitters and experienced hunters . First of all , on a percentage basis , approximately how much weight would a bear put on ,from right of of hibernation until it enters hibernation in the fall ? I do realize that can vary with the food sources available . Next approximately what would a bear that measures ,from top of nose to top of tail, weigh in the spring of it measured 6 ft 8 inches? I am talking northern Ontario bears . I do realize this are approximate guesses but I have a curious mind. We were very happy with the bears we took but just curious.

I don't know too much about that. I am sure Spike Buck can be of assistance. The measurement you gave is good, but just so you know most measurements that you read on here are of a square bear. Measure from nose to tail, and then front middle claw to middle claw, add them up then divide by 2. It's not an exact science, as some guys stretch it a little to just get a 7'ft, or go to the very tip of the tail hairs. It at least gives you a rough estimate, that is all.

From: KJC
I've heard of girth associated with weight but not length.

From: Well-Strung

Well-Strung's embedded Photo
Well-Strung's embedded Photo
Not what you asked but found this interesting while searching.

From: Pigsticker
30% used to be the quoted number

From: Sage Buffalo
Black Bear in my opinion is the hardest and most misjudged animals in NA. The chart above is probably as good as any but there are so many factors that go into size.

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