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Flagging and decoys
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RogBow 13-Jun-17
drycreek 13-Jun-17
RD in WI 13-Jun-17
Medicinemann 13-Jun-17
Sage Buffalo 14-Jun-17
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drycreek 14-Jun-17
RogBow 14-Jun-17
From: RogBow
What are your thoughts on either of these methods for bucks during the rut?

From: drycreek
Never tried flagging, but decoys work under certain circumstances. My experience is, you have to get into doe-stealing range undetected, then he might come to run your sorry butt off ! Be prepared to shoot as soon as he flares and turns sideways. It is definitely a rush, and one of the most fulfilling ways to hunt goats ! Good luck !

From: RD in WI
My brother and I used a decoy with great success in South Dakota. At one point, we brought in two separate goats to less than 20 yards - that decoy was a like a magnet! Best of luck.

From: Medicinemann
Two years ago, I had some success with decoying.....but the bigger bucks always seemed to "hang-up" around 50-70 yards. Smaller bucks tended to come closer....but the big guys seemed to keep more distance between us. Always wondered if it was an isolated occurrence, or if that is a common experience that others have also had happen?

From: Sage Buffalo
Decoying works but you have a handful of days where's it's hot.

Flagging is usually a rifle tactic to get animals in just a few more yards.

Just know one thing about all of this - this might be the hardest type of hunting in NA. You need broken terrain where you can move and be hidden. Wide open flats are nearly impossible to get close to big bucks.

Good luck!

From: wytex
Once was using my hat to get the attention of my spouse after shooting a buck, I was waving it over my head and it was white inside, a whole herd of antelope saw me and immediately came running over to a distance of less than 50 yards. Only time I "tried" flagging and it worked surprisingly well. Never had any luck with decoys, tried them in archery and tried a cow decoy to hide behind and stalk. No dice either way. Think it depends on their mood and circumstances.

From: drycreek
Jake, that was my experience also. I also learned very quickly that you had to get close enough to be a threat, otherwise he would gather his girls and light a shuck !

From: RogBow
Thanks for sharing

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