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Bowfishermen-Serious problem
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Bowriter 14-Jun-17
greg simon 14-Jun-17
drycreek 14-Jun-17
OkieJ 14-Jun-17
Bigpizzaman 14-Jun-17
Joey Ward 14-Jun-17
Lucas 14-Jun-17
IdyllwildArcher 14-Jun-17
Chris S 14-Jun-17
Scooby-doo 14-Jun-17
Woods Walker 14-Jun-17
Ben 14-Jun-17
Bowriter 15-Jun-17
Fuzzy 15-Jun-17
Smtn10PT 15-Jun-17
GhostBird 15-Jun-17
ROGUE 1 18-Jun-17
From: Bowriter
We have a serious problem, here. Bowfishermen are dumping their fish at public boat ramps. It is causing quite a stink-no pun intended-and is illegal. Why they do this, I have no idea. However, I can say this: Local fishermen and LEO's are tired of it and are going to come down hard on anyone who does it. If you shoot a carp-fine, good for you. But nobody cares but you. DO NOT bring them back to the boat ramp. It can get expensive and possibly rambunctious.

From: greg simon
I have seen the same thing around here at boat ramps. Can't imagine why some people think it is okay to dump a pile of dead fish in a public use area!

From: drycreek
We have a**holes among us !

From: OkieJ
It's the look at me folks doing it. Gives bowfishing a bad name.

You just never catch them doing it, it seems

From: Bigpizzaman
I eat the fish I shoot!!!

From: Joey Ward
How about they come down hard on the folks that dump their trash at the landings first......then worry about the bowfishermen?

I'd image that'd take care of much of the latter.

From: Lucas
Do you have a state bowfishing association?

Pat, carp aren't that hideous.

From: Chris S
Happens every year slobs give us a bad name.

From: Scooby-doo
I bury most of the fish I shoot in the back garden. I give a few to some locals who actually eat them. Done right carp is not terrible but I would not mess with it too make a meal. Scooby

From: Woods Walker
Hey now! That comparison is degrading to carp Pat!

From: Ben
Pat, I love it! What an appropriate analogy!

From: Bowriter
I honestly do not know if we have a state association. I do know, the leaving of trash by local anglers has greatly decreased simply due to more trash cans and "No Littering" signs. I am the third outdoor writer in three weeks to jump on this. I am leaving in an hour to fish a nearby lake and unless I am wrong, I will get y'all a fresh picture to illustrate just how bad it is. 20-30 buzzards on the courtesy dock is not a good thing. And please, don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against bowfishing. Just leave the damn fish where you shoot them.

From: Fuzzy
carp aren't bad canned. they are great garden fertilizer too

From: Smtn10PT
They have little wooden baskets around the lake I was at this past weekend directing you to dump out any left over bait or "invasive species" I don't think they really want a barrel full of carp there. Its too bad there isn't a good way to make use of them.

From: GhostBird
Happens here on Guntersville Lake too. Lots of bowfishermen here. It doesn't seem to be as bad as it used to be though. We know a guy that has a turtle farm and we dump ours in his turtle ponds. They get consumed in no time.

From: ROGUE 1
I cut them up in 4-5 inch chunks and put them in a zip lock bag and freeze them ! perfect for crabbing at the Jersey shore just tie a chunk on a drop line with a 3 oz sinker and your ready to go !

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