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I Drew a CA. A3 (archery in X1)
Mule Deer
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Curt 15-Jun-17
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Curt 18-Jun-17
TD 18-Jun-17
From: Curt
I drew a Ca A3 tag, and haven't hunted there in decades. I'm looking for an area with quantity of deer for my son to fill first deer tag. Someone told me Medicine Lake. Also looking at another area southeast of there near Hwy 91. Anyone have any input they wish to share? Thanks

From: elkmtngear

elkmtngear's embedded Photo
elkmtngear's embedded Photo
This was an A3 (X1 Archery buck) from the mid-90s. We used to have no problem filling our tags there back in the Day, on an annual basis.

I took my Daughter back there in 2012. Probably the most disappointing deer hunt I've ever had. We saw two legal bucks (both juvenile forks) over 6 days of hunting. Lucky to see a couple of does in a day. It was sad, because I knew the area so well, and it used to be loaded with deer.

On the last weekend of the Season, I moved over to a new area in that zone, and was able to see a lot more deer.

PM me for some ideas.

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: Curt
Jeff, pm sent

From: TD
Holy cow! That's a dandy buck..... a whole bunch of arrows!

My understanding is between the drought and lots of hungry lions..... deer herds really suffered. Year before last in the very north state I saw a fair number of deer, a couple of real nice bucks inside 30 yards for some time..... only had bear tags though..... that's how it goes.....

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