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delkslayr 19-Jun-17
Mathewsshootr2 19-Jun-17
Brad Cooepr 23-Jun-17
delkslayr 29-Jun-17
SedaliaJay 11-Jul-17
From: delkslayr
My dad drew one of the late season S34 tags this year. We are super excited to hunt and will be headed over there a few times to scout. I have been doing research on the unit and it sounds like almost all sheep are taken from the sheep conservation area? Is this correct? I plan on plotting the kill sites for the last few years, I just haven't done that yet. Also, any locals have any pictures from this year to share of the rams? Just curious. Are there any campgrounds near there we could stay in instead of getting a hotel? Thanks in advance for all the help/advice.

Pm sent

From: Brad Cooepr
Give me a call at 719-375-9907. Killed my ram up there last year.

From: delkslayr
Thanks for the responses guys. I have passed along your contact information to my dad. He will be contacting you!!

From: SedaliaJay
Lots of help available on here. I took my ram in there two years ago. Your dad is a lucky man, there are some real smokers in there this year!

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