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Electric Bear Fence for sale/rent?
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IdyllwildArcher 20-Jun-17
Rickm 20-Jun-17
BOWUNTR 20-Jun-17
t-roy 20-Jun-17
Treeline 20-Jun-17
IdyllwildArcher 21-Jun-17
Nick Muche 21-Jun-17
TEmbry 21-Jun-17
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Woods Walker 21-Jun-17
midwest 21-Jun-17
oldgoat 21-Jun-17
Ace 21-Jun-17
wildwilderness 21-Jun-17
Beendare 22-Jun-17
Does anyone have an electric bear fence system they'd like to sell me or rent me to me for this August?

From: Rickm

Shoot me a Pm.


You can borrow mine. When do you need it? Ed F

From: t-roy

t-roy's embedded Photo
t-roy's embedded Photo
Ike...You can get all of the components to make your own fence lots cheaper than buying a kit. ( I'd let you use mine but I'm using the fencer on one of my food plots right now!)

Speedrite AN20 battery powered fencer. Uses 2 D cell batteries

You can use turbowire for the fence itself

Reflective fiberglass driveway markers for the posts

Zip ties and electrical tape to attach to the posts

An 18" piece of stiffer copper wire for the ground

About 20"-24" of thin wire to energize the top and bottom wires together

We used sharpened willow sticks to guy the corners of our fence (worked great)

If you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to help if I can! Good luck!

From: Treeline
Wish I would have had one last time my son and I were up in Alaska...

Had a tent and all our stuff shredded. Along with all the food and drinks (including my beer!) mauled. Glad we were not in the tent when they decided to eat it!

Ed, I'd appreciate it. I'm going to be hunting Kodiak from Aug 12-24 and should be back down here shortly after, but I'm leaving for AK on July 9.

T-roy, that looks great. I may eventually look into doing that, but my experience with electric is more along the lines of the bear's.

From: Nick Muche
Can borrow mine. 3lbs

I'll send it to your pilots house. I won't need it, only hunting goats, caribou, sheep, Elk and moose this fall.

From: TEmbry
I'll be in Colorado the month of August, so if none of the previous offers pan out, You are welcome to mine. It'll sit in my garage in Anchorage otherwise.

You didn't even draw that Iowa tag yet and you're already getting your bear fence?

From: Woods Walker
Just do what we do here in Chicagoland to keep Bears out......put up goal posts and an end zone. They'll never even get near it.

From: midwest
I would just hang alldone4"s jock strap outside your tent. No bear would dare come near.

From: oldgoat

oldgoat's Link
My advice is use real aluminum wire, not the other stuff, it's inexpensive and biodegradable over time and conveys a shock much better! I never used an electric fence for bears, but have used them a lot for keeping in livestock and dogs! I will say it's been years since I've used the polycord stuff with wires woven through it, it may have gotten better, but it used to flat out suck, I could look out at my field at night and see little flickers of light caused by the arc over between the broken strands of wire in the poly rope! This looks like a pretty nice self contained set from Amazon if you end up needing to buy one.

From: Ace
"Just do what we do here in Chicagoland to keep Bears out......put up goal posts and an end zone. They'll never even get near it. "

WW, Well Played Sir!

For those who bought one, where did you buy it and which one?

From: Beendare
Loaned mine to a buddy that will be there just ahead of you....might be able to have him just leave it there depending on who you are flying with

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