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Grizzly Off Federal Protection List
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Here is the announcement.. I smell lawyers...

From: elkstabber
Great news!

From: Fuzzy
great news indeed, for the bears and for hunting!

From: earlyriser
I don't understand why threads like this don't explode. Wonderful news!

From: willliamtell
I really love to hear about animals recovering, with all the challenges and pressures they are under. Bringing an apex predator like the griz back to this point (albeit in a very special natural environment) bodes well for species management in the US. The Chinese wipe out the Yangsee dolphin and hide that fact so you can't even find that species on the internet. We restore the baddest critter in North America to the point where it is no longer endangered. Time to address the dinner bell animals next.

From: TD
Two steps forward..... awesome!

Waiting for the following one step back from the wolf/peta world.

But certainly good news for what it is......

From: Zbone
The Peregrine Falcon recovery is a great story too (as is the Bald Eagles)... Heck there are close to a dozen nesting pairs in the city of Cleveland Ohio alone right now, when I think once upon a time, there was only like 48 known birds of the American subspecies of Peregrines in existence... Whooping cranes were once under 50 too if I remember correctly (thirty something, I think), and ALL the California Condors were removed from the wild for captive breeding... Just seen a thing on TV the other day on the California Condors and I think they were as low as around 20 left in the world and now there are over 400 and now breeding again in the wild... Big ups and applause to the those conservation officers and their recovery projects...

From: tradmt
Yes it is great news, it's a win win for everyone, including bears.

And yes, the disconnected and uninformed are up in arms over it.

From: JLS
Great news for the GYE bears. NCDE bears should be close behind. Great success story.

From: Cowhand
Yay!! I had the pleasure of guiding for 4 years in a little spot just about 45 minutes south of Jackson Hole and let me tell you this is coming none to soon. The Fish and Game there has worked really hard and put up with a lot of hurdles to get these bears so they can manage them properly.

From: AndyJ
+1 TD.

This is great news. Unfortunately the antis don't see this as the success story that it is, they see it as the beginning of the end. They also don't understand that at least 50 grizzlies are killed every year for being problem bears. I'll get excited when there is a grizzly season ( of which I will probably never draw a tag).

From: Bowfreak
Truth be told the 700 bears population total could be off by nearly 100%. The original model used for population studies is flawed in that originally it was thought that sows would not live in as close proximity to others. As the population grew, the tolerance of other bears did too. So now their model which says we are at 700 bears is no longer adequate. I heard one researcher on Rinellas podcast said it could be near 1,200 bears.

From: Hessticles
Hunting NW Wyoming last year we seen 4 griz in 4.5 days! We also found the paw of a cub grizzly, we thought a boar probably killed it!

From: JTV
If you thought the wolves were a fight....this will be worse I believe with the environuts and anti's ... just wait till an actual season is proposed, crap will really hit the fan...

From: PECO
They are already crying and whining about "an open season" on bears so rich A-holes can kill them for fun. Trump's kids first in line.

From: JTV
I hope "Trumps kid" gets a chance at one ... and any other who wants to goes after them

From: Bowboy
Yes this good news, but the antis with there attorney's, will most likely tie them up in court, so we'll probably never get to hunt them. As far as the numbers of Grizzlies I think those numbers are way low and suspect it's quite a bit higher.

If WY has a season I'm definitely throwing my name in the hat.

There will be lawsuits and I'm sure they'll find a anti-hunter judge in the 9th court to put an injunction on the season like they did with the wolves, but the science should prevail like it did with the wolves - it's just going to delay the season for a couple years.

From: Fulldraw1972
Wow great news!!! Finally something I will be in the max point pool on. You have to believe!

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