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From: Julius K
I am looking for people's experiences with mechanical broadheads on moose. I have PMd'd some of you and appreciate the info. I know there are more you out there who have used them. Curious as to which head, and how it turned out.

I am a mechanical fan. I am running an Elite Energy 35 72lbs @ 29" with a 516 grain arrow. But the biggest things I have taken with them are black bears and whitetails. I really like 2" rear deploying heads, as I get big blood trails. I am a touch color blind, so the more blood the better.

Thanks for the input.


Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
Good luck!

From: Ace
Why? Serious question. Are you not getting good groups at ranges you expect to shoot?

From: Bou'bound
have you ever touched a moose?

From: Bowfreak
"Why? Serious question. Are you not getting good groups at ranges you expect to shoot? "

I am assuming he likes them and thinks they are more effective at killing. It seems to me as due diligence if he is considering a mechanical head that he asks if anyone has used them on Moose. People have used them successfully on pretty much every big game animal in North America. I think it is a valid question and his reasoning for "wanting" to use them is valid.

From: Dino
We have used them on moose with excellent results. We have used Wasp Jak Hammers. Big holes, large blood trails. With your set up you will have great performance with quality mechanical broadheads. Good luck to you.

From: 12yards
If you are going to shoot a 2" rear deploy, I'd say don't count on having two holes. You might, but don't count on it. If it were me, I'd go with a Rage Hypodermic +P. It is 1 1/2" but has a better cutting angle I believe and should give you a better chance at two holes in the moose.

Were you able to draw a moose tag somewhere?

I haven't had the good luck to be able to hunt moose yet, have 4 points for Montana so sometime in the next 3 decades I should draw (hah)

Good luck, I have to imagine with that setup, as long as you put a good shot on one you should be fine!

From: carcus
"If you are going to shoot a 2" rear deploy, I'd say don't count on having two holes. You might, but don't count on it. If it were me, I'd go with a Rage Hypodermic +P. It is 1 1/2" but has a better cutting angle I believe and should give you a better chance at two holes in the moose." X2, very good advice there, I love mechs but use exodus on moose and elk

From: Scar Finga

I'm gonna get my popcorn and beer, I'll be right back, don't start the flogging until I get back:)

From: Ermine
I've never shot a moose. But I don't think you would have an issue. From everything I hear moose die easier than elk. And plenty of people use expandables on elk.

From: APauls
A big moose is that much bigger than an elk. Giant animals. I think everyone is more worried about bone thickness and densities, than the "fight" of the animal. They may give up the ghost easier, but only if the head makes it to paydirt.

From: jstephens61
100, 200 or 300 posts? Place your bets now.

From: Scoot
I suggest a field point or possibly a judo point. Good luck! ;)

From: cnelk
I say if you want to shoot a moose with a mechanical go for it.

Let us know how you do and I hope you smack a tank.

From: JTV
While I havnt on Moose, Dr Warren Strickland has used Rockets extensively on big critters... I believe he completed the Super Slam using them .... Rockets like the Steelhead, Steelhead XL's and the SideWinders are the only ones I would trust for those critters ...

From: Cowhand
I am a firm believer on fixed broad heads for anything bigger than deer, but that being said there are some very dependable mechanicals out there. The best piece of advise I can give is find one you personally are comfortable with and then commit to it. We have all hear people swear by a broad head, and the next guy down the line tell a horror story about the same one that failed in some way or another.....

From: Buck Watcher
My thought: Plan for a perfect hit. Prepare for a poor one. No mechanicals for me.

Ever see a moose rib in person? I have in Alaska. What if you hit one square, after going through the thickest hide & fur you ever saw? And that is a PERFECT shot.

From: hunting dad
I killed my moose with a 2" vortex. Clean kill 60 yd. recovery

I have used 1-3/8" cut Grim Reaper Razortips with good results.

From: Julius K
Thanks for the feedback guys. I drew a Maine moose permit where I am a resident. Second one I have pulled in 10 years.

Bou... I have touched moose, I have been involved in 6 hunts where moose were killed, recovered, and processed. Bulls up to 980 lbs dressed.

I have the standard wac'ems and slicktricks flying fine, I just have not used them on game. I mentioned before I am color blind and really have been satisfied with the blood trails I get from these 2" heads, so I have not deviated from mechanicals.

See Buck Watcher post!

jstevens, i dont know how many posts total. But if elkman goes 10 posts, ohiohunter is good for 40...;^)

I have never hunted Moose, but have seen several while in Canada. They are much bigger than whitetail.

Based upon what I have read here, mechanicals are subject to failure, and that increases exponentially on anything bigger than a rabbit.

But, stay away from COC fixed blades that are too long as they might curl back when hitting dense bone matter. Again, moose are bigger than whitetail.


Good luck!

Lol. Very well done

From: 7 Points
Look on youtube for broadhead testing. There used to be a guy on here called 5shot that did extensive testing on mechanicals. If I remember right, the Rocket steelhead out performed all mechanicals and some fixed blade and, that included shooting a steel drum. Here is an updated video, looks like the Steelhead has lost its standing. Cant get the link to work so, here it it.... Good luck, make it count and, show us pics!

From: sticksender
I haven't killed a whole bunch of them with archery, only 4. But the first three fell to 3-blade fixed heads, and the last one with a Grim Reaper. Probably would go back to fixed heads on my next Moose hunt, in hopes of better penetration. On the mechanical kill, I put two GR's into the ribs without a full pass through (445 gr, 295 fps). Admittedly he died just fine, but I'd prefer an exit hole.

I wouldn't consider it. Tune your bow and if you are really questioning something then why risk it. I'd be using a vpa myself

From: Ranch Fairy
Flog, the flogging flog man. 300+ posts!!

I have read some more. Field points or blunts are better for small game than mechanicals.

You should only use mechanicals if they do not fail you.

From: thedude
If the ferrel is a quality metal and not aluminium junk and has sturdy sharp blades then it doesn't really matter with a modern compound.

From: 12yards
I love Steelheads but wouldn't recommend them for moose as the entry holes are small and if you don't get an exit, it might not turn out well. I'd either go with a strong fixed head like a VPA or Hellrazor or a smaller diameter rear deploy that is 1 1/2".

From: Trial153
will it work yes most likely, however I think you can argue that there are better options. I killed my moose with a Solid last fall, a hole coming and going and lots of damage inbetween. He went about 50 feet. I don't think that moose are especially hardy however there is a lot of mass to get through on even the most perfect shots. I think it's prudent to use a head and set up with that in mind.

As always: I say it's ALL about shot selection, and execution. If you put the arrow where it belongs it won't matter what's on the end of your arrow. Each person should only shoot the broad head or broad heads they have confidence in, regardless of brand or style. Super stoked to see your photos. Good hunting!

From: Waterdawg
With a good shot angle and good execution, yes, it is possible to use a mechanical. Food for thought - I shot my moose last year with a 550 grain arrow with a 180 grain German Kinetic out of a 70 lb bow. I made a bad shot on a broadside moose at 47 yards. It penetrated the scapula for a double lung shot. I practice daily out to 90 yards at home, but for some reason (adrenaline, last day of the hunt pressure, etc.), I made a bad shot and shot high. The bull only went 40 yards. That is the same broadhead brand and weight that I've killed cape buffalo, giraffe, elk and a host of other big game. I doubt a mechanical would have penetrated the scapula or if so, not penetrated very far. A moose is very tall measured brisket to back, but very narrow measured side to side. It is surprising how narrow the moose are. Thus, you can double lung a moose with only about 12"-14" of penetration. With that said, if you are going to use a mechanical, you are limiting your shot selection of animal position and somewhat distance. In two months, I will be in the Yukon on an archery moose hunt. I will be shooting 550 grain arrows (total with head) with 180 grain German Kinetics out of an 80 lb bow for a flatter shooting rig than my 70 lb outfit. I prefer to use a fixed broadhead to increase my odds if I have a bad shot angle, longer distance or bad execution.

From: razorhead
waterdawg.... good post

From: Ambush
"Use whatever you have confidence in".

Sounds nice, but how can you have confidence in something you've never tried, tested or proved?? And one time isn't really extensive testing.

And one of my favourite declarations is. "... well I've never killed a ------- but when I do hunt then it will be a - - - - - on the end of my arrow.

From: Tracker
I have a friend that has killed two moose in the last two years. One with a Rocket Steelhead and the other with NAP Killzone. One was shot at 60 yards.

Killed two with innerloc exp 100gr one at 20yrds pass thru second 50yds almost a pass thru 427 grain arrow

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