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gunslinger 27-Jun-17
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Guys I've been asked a few times if I'm a booking agent or what's the deal so here it is After I completed the Superslam of North America and then went on to complete the World Slam of sheep and now one animal away from the World Slam of goats I had hunted around the world. Africa Argentina New Zealand Russia America many many places and i also outfitted over 500 clients in Alberta.

But my real job wAs drilling rigs and rental oilfield businesses so when the oil crash Happened my phone went off the hook asking where people should hunt.

So I just kept outfitting and started booking hunters and now it's so busy booking hunters that I'm hiring people.

When you can trust me to send you to a place I've already been and know, it makes my clients super secure in knowing there adventure is going to be with a great outfitter in a good area.

Oh and I'm also a very socialable person and I am super up to date on all North American Animals and Hunts

I kind of take a lot of pride in knowing exactly what outfitter owns what and who what where when and why what I do as I am a hunter also,

I have 123 repeat clients right now that I book every single one of there hunts for and this year I booked 73 different hunts for 23 different outfitters all over the world.

Oh and my damn website was supposed to be finished months ago, so yea if someone has a bucket list of animals there going to chase gimme a call and let me help ya with it.

I will never ever mark up a hunt as I only get 10% of what the outfitter tells me to sell the hunt for so this makes everything super easy, thanks guys

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