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Awsome Trail Cam Video Lion Killing Deer
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From: StickFlicker

StickFlicker's Link

From: Tody
Now that was cool!!!

From: SJJ
efficient ...

From: Glunt@work
Pretty neat to catch that. Here in Colorado, this scenario happens 300 - 400 times a day but its extremely rare for anyone to see it. Yes, thats around 130,000 deer a year. Hunters take around 37,000 a year.

From: TD
Apparently we aren't the only ones that sit water.......

From: Jaquomo
Neighbor's granola-muncher daughter-in-law got to watch a coyote kill a fawn the other night, and the doe futilely tried to fight him off. Sort of opened her eyes to the violent realities of nature.

TD, I once had a big bear come in and sit a waterhole about 15 feet from me. We waited for the elk, me wondering what the hell to do if he saw me since all I had was a folding knife, him chewing a grass stem like Gomer Pyle. When we heard the elk coming he hunkered down in the tall grass but a cow saw him and started barking, and they left. He stood up and looked around like, "Ah crap, this black camo just ain't working!" and wandered back up the trail.

From: JL

That was kick ass! Definitely happy to be at the top of the food chain somewhere.

From: Pigsticker

I always get sad when I see how harsh nature can be. But I have no trouble hunting with bow and arrow. It's a real quandarie for me!

From: TD
One thing catches my eye on so many of these predator/prey events..... Not always but usually when the predator gains control, the prey almost immediately goes into what I would guess is shock. They quit kicking, go limp, almost no resistance. Seemingly give up. I'm guessing so as they feel less pain? They seem to know it's over. Bones crunching an not even a flinch.

Shock I guess is natures way of easing suffering, easing into death.... such as being eaten alive and not really feeling it? Shock is even in our wiring..... involuntary reactions to injury.....

Or.... maybe I'm just putting off doing my paperwork.......

From: Chris S

I'd think it would have been much cooler if that buck had gored the lion to death.


Tonic immobility (scared stiff) and/or thanatosis (playing dead) is likely what you are observing.

Lots of animals including humans often exhibit these conditions when facing a mortal event. We even teach it in bear attack defence education.

Man--that happened fast!! Thanks for sharing the vid

Good luck, Robb

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