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Wyoming high country mule deer
Mule Deer
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slater17 30-Jun-17
LKH 30-Jun-17
BULELK1 01-Jul-17
slater17 06-Jul-17
gobbler 06-Jul-17
TreeWalker 06-Jul-17
From: slater17
Looking for any input on a good Wyoming unit to put in for with 7 points, needs to have the early season that starts begging of September when the deer are still in velvet, i dont have horses so looking for areas where 4weelers can get a person close to timber line. I have been looking at area 117 but dont no if i want to blow that many points on that area> thanks for any advice

From: LKH
Are you DIY?

Region H 'cheapie fee' would be a lock!

Plenty of High country for ya.

Good luck, Robb

From: slater17
ya i would be diy

From: gobbler
Whatever unit u draw u will be using all your points anyway. You can't save your leftover points.

From: TreeWalker
If draw your first choice in the main draw in WY then you lose any accumulated points for that species and do not get a point for the current year. You do not loose your points if you draw a tag that is not your first choice in the main draw. Most likely, the tag you want will require being drawn as a first choice.

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