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Kodiak clothing
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Mnydir 09-Jul-17
Southern draw 12-Jul-17
RTH3210 12-Jul-17
Beendare 12-Jul-17
Greg S 14-Jul-17
From: Mnydir
I'm going to Kodiak earlier October next year. What would you bring for clothing? Such as out wear, rain gear, layers, and footwear? I appreciate your responses.

For rain gear, there has already been a thread within the last day or two. I, personally, am a firm believer in the Kuiu Chugach NX rain jacket and pants for outer wear on Kodiak, or the Yukon rain set, which I have never used but lots of guides love them. I'm sure Sitka has good rain gear as well. The last time I hunted Kodiak, I used the Cabela's Dry Plus. It worked fine, but Kuiu was not around then. There are all kinds of next-to-skin and insulating layers out there. Just get some wicking stuff. If you can haul plenty of weight, the Muck boot type in addition to a leather type Vibram sole boot would be my choice. Hope this helps and good luck on your hunt.

From: RTH3210
I have only spent 30 days on Kodiak. My recommendations might be a bit dated. I took good, well fitting hip boots that I had done some hiking in prior to the trip. Rubber rain coat and rain pants. Coat was longer and reached beyond the tops of my hip boots. If you can stay dry other clothing is about like you would wear to hunt in those temps anywhere else. The locals considered Gor-Tex very poor but that was years ago.

From: Beendare
I like the kuiu raingear too. I was there in mid Oct 2 yrs ago [never do that again]

I wore Kuiu attack pant [or Sitka equal] no LJ, Gaiters [a must] light merino shirt, Traverse zip top...then if it got cold I had a fleece jacket in my pack.

From: Greg S
Went end of October last year for deer. Two pieces of clothing were awesome. Kuiu guide pants to hunt in and the Kenai jacket also to hunt in. We had dry weather.

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