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Rabbit live/leg traps
Small Game
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DonVathome 10-Jul-17
APauls 10-Jul-17
Scooby-doo 10-Jul-17
RTH3210 10-Jul-17
Salagi 10-Jul-17
BIG BEAR 10-Jul-17
Teeton 10-Jul-17
longbeard 11-Jul-17
DonVathome 11-Jul-17
Brotsky 11-Jul-17
sticksender 11-Jul-17
killinstuff 11-Jul-17
Scooby-doo 11-Jul-17
From: DonVathome
Anything work? Got a few mowing down my garden FAST.

From: APauls
broadheads work very well. I have also used conibear traps with great success. I've caught them using a bun, but I'm sure carrots and apples would work as well.

From: Scooby-doo
A good air rifle! Scooby

From: RTH3210
Plant enough for the rabbits as well. :)

From: Salagi
Live traps beat leg holds in this case, I've used both over the years. If you can find a path where they are coming in, you can set in the path and not even have to bait. JTV is right, shooting them is sometimes the easiest way. Pellet guns are great for this. Except for my 87 year old mother who blacked her eye with my 90 year old father's pellet gun trying to stop a garden raider. She went back to a 22. ;)

Please don't use conibears if there's any chance of domestic pets getting into them... Be a responsible trapper.

From: Teeton
Live trap with a apple as bait. Then transplant them to habit that rabbits like, away from homes. Do remember that doe rabbits may have nests around that the little ones my need her.

From: longbeard
or eat them!

From: DonVathome
Thanks I did not think a live trap would work and figured a leg hold would break the leg and they would escape and die slowly. I do have an air rifle that is doing good but garden is big and got one last smart one that is doing TONS of damage.

From: Brotsky
I tried a live trap here in town and all I caught was raccoons! Ha!

From: sticksender
Snares if you can find funnels. Very cheap and easy and you can set dozens of them. BTW it depends on your state's game laws as to whether any of these methods are legal. My state allows for it if an animal is causing property damage.

From: killinstuff
Just fence it with chicken wire and be done with it. Trying to kill off bunnies is like mowing the lawn........ya gotta do it again next week.

From: Scooby-doo
If ya fence it in ya better cover it as well. Bunnies will easily clear 3ft or more to get in the garden. I have great Rabbitat and easily have 15 or more in my yard each evening. I like to leave them alone until we start bunny hunting after Christmas. Scooby

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