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RogBow 13-Jul-17
DL 13-Jul-17
Matt Ewing 14-Jul-17
Forest bows 14-Jul-17
Treeline 14-Jul-17
From: RogBow
Wolfwood will be at Hermit Park Open Space in Estes Park July 15-16th to discuss the many benefits of wolves in Colorado. You might want to check it out to see what we are up against. I read this in a Boulder paper today while getting a sandwich so I thought I would relay the message.

From: DL
Just advertise free beer to all hunters that show up. Get them buzzed and show the wolf nazis how a real protest is done. Hunters have always been told to be polite and not confrontational and look where's it's got us. If the anarchists can get away with why not outraged hunters? This crap that they feed the public that wolves only kill the week and old animals is just that, Crap.

From: Matt Ewing
Sound like we need some "good ol boys" out west? Lots of wolf threads who knows how to kill them! We are out there every year.

From: Forest bows
I'm seeing more and more Colorado needs wolf's bumper stickers...... Man it make me mad.

From: Treeline
Would love to have a bunch of folks from this side of the hill (west slope) show up at that event to discuss the error of their ways, but it will only add fuel to the fire. The wolf movement continues to be power grab issue. The same people that want wolves are against conservation, hunting, ranching, guns, mining, oil and gas drilling, etc. Funny how they love their ski areas and all the associated development that is much more detrimental to the environment than any of the issues they are so against.

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