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idaho unit 60A bul moose
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danrippa 17-Jul-17
Sage Buffalo 17-Jul-17
From: danrippa
I was lucky enough to draw an Idaho unit 60A bull moose tag. In doing my preparations, I have been trying to call some private land owners but have been coming up short. Does anyone have any information or contacts on this area?

It turns out there are no moose guides in this area and that most of the most reside along the river between Rexburg and Saint Anthony

From: Sage Buffalo
I drew a cow tag in the early-90s in 63A and also went to school in the area. I don't think there's much public land and you are right between the farms and river is where you are going to find most of them.

I worked with the local biologist who kept me updated as I just had transferred to BSU. She was awesome. You may want to see if any landowners have their land open for moose hunters.

Also, look for any parks. I shot mine at Beaver Dick Park (I know terrible name). I fished that area a lot and always saw moose. Maybe you can find similar areas along the Snake.

Start there and you might have some luck.

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