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sleddogpa 17-Jul-17
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From: sleddogpa
Has anyone or any info on doing the importation of there own shipment from Africa? I don't live to far from New York and was looking at the possibility of being my own broker to import my shipment from Africa?? Is it worth paying someone to do this or is this something anyone can do with the right info?

From: Spiral Horn

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I've successfully done it myself @ BWI - but I barely made it from FWS inspection to Customs prior to them closing (which would have impounded my stuff). It can be done if you've prepped everything and arrange for inspection by the on-site FWS Officer to begin the clearance process. Also, the shippers are used to dealing with the on-site customs brokers, so they don't go out of their way to give a lot of notice to come and get your stuff. They are very specific rules And, it must be done thru one of the designated Ports of Entry (attached). So, unless you are able to break away and respond immediately, it might be better to hire a broker.

From: AZ~Rich
A broker can be worth the reduction in stress plus all your time.

From: safari
Flora and Fauna in NY has cleared two shipments for me for about $300 each. You can do it yourself but for that price why would you?

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